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My 29-gallon and it's inhabitants
This is Blu'bry, my beautiful cobalt blue dwarf gourami.  He's just a baby, but I know he's going to be gorgeous.
There are 10 Honeybee Platies...
Sumo loach.  Isn't his eye weird?  I have one of these in each of the 3 tanks.
My lone male guppy.  He doesn't always get to stay in the tank with the females so I can limit the fry I have, though my LFS often takes them
One of the Black Kuhli Loaches.  I think I have 5 (one striped, the rest black) but they hide, so I am not sure.
Two of the 5 female guppies.  Four of the 5 are blue, and only the 1 is orange.
I enjoy the plants, and I think the inexpensive background really adds to the look. 
Note that my tap water hardness is GH 9 (drops) and this tank...
Glass Catfish (aka Ghost Catfish)
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