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Conversation Between ao and MattsBettas
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  1. MattsBettas
    09-05-2013 08:52 AM - permalink
    Yea... Two and a half weeks. Sender messed up.
  2. ao
    09-05-2013 08:42 AM - permalink
    If it's well packaged it should survive at least 7 days in good condition. Any specifics?
  3. MattsBettas
    09-05-2013 08:38 AM - permalink
    Ao, do you have any idea how long live plants can last in shipping?
  4. ao
    06-28-2013 01:36 AM - permalink
    So i looked at some plants...
    dwarf sags, broadleaf sag...anubias, crypts will work well generally, cardamine lyrata, the ludwigia may get a little leggy or bare in the lower segments...

    which other ones are you interested in?
  5. ao
    06-25-2013 12:09 AM - permalink
    Lol, I mustve fallen asleep before i hit the send button or something. I was saying that the amazon sword may need more light~ let me look at the website and I'll let you know about the plants. Sorry about that.
  6. MattsBettas
    06-24-2013 09:22 PM - permalink
    Ao, not to nag or anything, but did you get my previous message? When you have the time to respond to it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)
  7. MattsBettas
    06-21-2013 12:06 AM - permalink
    Ok so the plants I would like to have are amazon swords, frogbit, water lettuce, jungle vals, ludwigia ovalis, hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis', watersprite, and then a couple other stem plants that I haven't decided on yet. The plants that I already have (and are all doing well) are cambomba, hornwort, and some sort of crypt (It came with the tank. Lol.)

    Do you think I could do medium light plants, or would that be pushing it? I've had an amazon sword in there before I knew a thing about plants and it grew pretty well lol :p

    I am going to be ordering off of ThePlantGuy. Are there any plants on there that I should get? And do you know anything about mayaca?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions, and thank you for your help and time!

  8. ao
    06-20-2013 12:38 AM - permalink
    I see, sword might need more light :) I want to see pics :O
  9. MattsBettas
    06-19-2013 11:52 PM - permalink
    I will post a proper list tomorrow, but I know it includes amazon swords, vals, crypts, cambomba, and then there are a few more I can't remember.

    If it means anything, the cambomba I got two days ago has grown a ton. Like an inch.
  10. ao
    06-19-2013 01:26 AM - permalink
    it's fine for low light plants :P what plants are you looking to keep?
    I would leave the tank running without stocking it until you start seeing good plant growth.
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