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  1. ao
    09-15-2012 04:45 PM - permalink
    Hi, your betta seems in really bad shape. did you post this in the betta emergencies forum? If you haven't please do post there, as there are many who are much more knowledgeable of diseases than I am.

    You will probably need a medication for both internal and external parasites a this point, since we do not know which one is affecting him. I am however concerned that there is a possibility of internal infection. have you been feeding him any live foods lately?

    I've been recommended API general cure for both internal and external parasites. it is widely available at prety much any pet store. each tab 1 believe is for 10 gallon. you will simply have to dissolve it in a separate measuring cup of conditioned water first. then pour 10% of that into your 1g tank

    also, do you know your water temperature?

    The salt will not hurt him if used for less than 10 days at 1tsp/gallon
  2. Bharp
    09-15-2012 04:04 PM - permalink
    Hi, my beta looks really thin, he is not eating, he darts across his tank as if something is chasing him,lost most of his color, he has a one gallon tank, no heater,filter.mi change his water two to three times a week, I let his water set for 24 hrs and put in stress coat, I feed him dried bloodwormen, flacks mix with baby shrimp, I have had him almost a year now, after reading on the post I think he might have parasites, if so do I treat with salt? Will the salt heart him if no parasites? His fins also look droopy, he looks sad,, although he still swims good, I just want to catch it early if he is sick,,, he also sits close to the tank glass moving quickley but going no where as if he is scratching????thank you
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