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Conversation Between Chesh and Termato
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  1. Termato
    11-27-2012 09:37 PM - permalink
    We be in the chat room homie. lol
  2. Chesh
    06-19-2012 10:57 PM - permalink
    Added a few tanks for you to stalk... still haven't gotten pics up of the 10g ;)
  3. Termato
    06-05-2012 10:54 AM - permalink
    Well I found two of your tanks, but don't you have four?
  4. Chesh
    06-04-2012 06:03 PM - permalink
    haha, you finally found it, I see! *giggle*
  5. Termato
    06-03-2012 08:12 AM - permalink
    I dun see it :P
  6. Chesh
    06-02-2012 07:58 PM - permalink
    Dude. It came back. . . I didn't DO anything - but there it is!
  7. Termato
    06-02-2012 02:12 PM - permalink
    lol :P weiiiiiird!
  8. Chesh
    06-02-2012 12:54 PM - permalink
    I had at least one of them up at one point. . . I don't know where it went! Or why. That's weird! Still in my album, though. *scratches head*
  9. Termato
    06-02-2012 12:48 PM - permalink
    You should add your tanks to your my tanks profile so I can stalk them all day long MUHAUHAH!! lol with pics! with pics!!!!

  10. Termato
    04-24-2012 08:22 AM - permalink
    Hey sorry I didn't say bye, my boss pulled me away to talk about some new projects.

    Ook so this site is being weird and wont let me send message lol

    I thought you might find this informative? Since you want to breed the rams
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