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  1. LadyVictorian
    01-06-2013 04:11 PM - permalink
    How young is it? If it's already weaned I would say go for it. If it's younger it will bound to you faster and have a stronger bond. Also makes them easier to train. If they are still nursing it can be tricky.
  2. LadyVictorian
    01-05-2013 08:18 PM - permalink
    I would get a mouse from either a shelter or a breeder but if you don't have either find a petsmart that only carries males. Petco carries males and females and the staff are horrid at telling genders. Nothing worse than taking home a pregnant female they told you was male.
  3. Oldfishlady
    01-05-2013 12:46 PM - permalink
    A lot of the ingredients in the fish foods that may sound odd-are often used because of their chemical/nutritional content to provide or meet the nutritional/dietary needs-With processed fish food-it more about the quality of the ingredients than the ingredient itself IMO and from what I have researched.
  4. Oldfishlady
    01-05-2013 09:20 AM - permalink
    I don't have personal experience with feeding products from that company and so I can't say one way or the other....
  5. LadyVictorian
    01-05-2013 12:23 AM - permalink
    Waterbottle, food dish, shavings (carefresh paper bedding is great), a wheel (make sure it's large enough too), a hut, the plastic ones work but in the hermit crab section they have coconut huts that are nicer since they are dark, and looots of chew toys and blocks. Oh and when feeding mice buy gerbil food. It has the right balance of protein and vitamins for mice compared to rat and mice with sometimes has too much protein which makes petshop mice lose their fur. Oxbow hamster food is good for a main pellet and Tropical Mix is great for treats, full of good things mice can eat but avoid sunflower seed and peanuts. Those are the two most common things mice become allergic too and elarning your mouse is allergic to them is scary o.o Fresh veggies and fruit is a great snack too and yogurt
  6. LadyVictorian
    01-04-2013 11:46 PM - permalink
    Single males are great snuggle buddies, they love their people like tiny dogs. I have been thinking of using my 20 gallon to house 5 female mice but now I am starting to want a 10 gallon for one boy. My first foster mouse was male, Stuart and he was such a sweetheart, he even groomed my hair. I wish I could have adopted him but by then I had a community of 4 girls xD
  7. LadyVictorian
    01-04-2013 11:35 PM - permalink
    A single male mouse is the only way it should be done as like betta's two males will fight to the death. I have seen some scary things, males will rip the flesh off each other. In fact single males are the most fun because they bound with you. An hour a day is all you need with a male mouse but if you can spare more time the merrier. The first days taming them is best spent in the bathtub. Taking your boy into the bathroom with you and setting him in the bathtube and letting him come to you and smell you is great. You can even hand him treats to reward and build his comfort around you. If he gets nippy though feed treats with a spoon so he does not associate food with fingers. Also because males are territorial and spray when you clean the cage don't was his house and keep a handful of dirty shavings to sprinkle over clean ones. This will make him more comfortable and he won't go on a spraying rampage after you clean the cage.
  8. Oldfishlady
    01-02-2013 03:28 PM - permalink
    I would start my search with Tropical fish nutrition or aquarium fish nutrition, scientific research freshwater fish nutrition needs...etc.... and go from that point and see what pops up.
  9. Oldfishlady
    01-02-2013 03:17 PM - permalink
    Both Hikari and Tetra are bigger/better companies regarding fish care products-IMO....
    Lots of different opinion on different things regarding fish care in general-Its my opinion that its not that big of an issue, many disagree and I respect that. All I am saying based on my opinion, is that wheat isn't that big of an issue as long as you are feeding a varied diet....
    What you should do is research fish nutrition from several different science based resources for a better understanding-Knowledge is power...
  10. Oldfishlady
    01-02-2013 02:35 PM - permalink
    IMO....Too much of any one thing can be bad-with that said, I also think that too much of an issue is being made out of nothing-I personally wouldn't stress over the wheat added to fish food-as long as you are providing a varied diet to meet the nutritional needs to support overall health. Fish food companies do a lot of research and IMO wouldn't provide a product that would be harmful since that would hurt their bottom-line...

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