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Conversation Between finnfinnfriend and waterdog
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  1. finnfinnfriend
    06-07-2013 08:18 PM - permalink
    Hey waterdog, hope I don't seem like a stalker, but I saw that you posted in a thread that you don't believe in a fishless cycle. I find that interesting, becuase it seems like a lot of people feel the opposite way. Could you tell me more about your opinion on this? Thanks :)
  2. finnfinnfriend
    04-06-2013 05:47 PM - permalink
    Thank you!
  3. waterdog
    04-06-2013 04:47 PM - permalink
    Sure you can! I find it actually helps to clean out the center if you do.
  4. finnfinnfriend
    04-06-2013 04:28 PM - permalink
    Bwah sorry I just read your article and it said to remove the airline and tubing...But can you leave the rest of the sponge filter assembled while squeezing it out? (like leave the sponge on the part the sponge surrounds that is connected to the base?)
  5. finnfinnfriend
    04-06-2013 12:53 AM - permalink
    When you squeeze out your sponge filters in the old tank water, do you need to disassemble it? Or can you just take the hard plastic tube off and leave the rest together, including the airline tubing?
  6. waterdog
    03-08-2013 08:28 PM - permalink
    In the event the pump stops it should stop any water from entering the pump
  7. finnfinnfriend
    03-08-2013 07:57 PM - permalink
    Thanks wd! Also, how exactly does a check valve work? Does it stop any water from going through it? Or in the event of back-siphoning, will a little bit of water drip through?
  8. waterdog
    03-08-2013 03:19 PM - permalink
    Commercial Sponge filters have on the box what size tank they will filter.

    For homemade DIY I look up sponge filters on the internet, find the size for the tank I am using, then cut my sponge to as close the same size as possible.
  9. finnfinnfriend
    03-08-2013 02:00 PM - permalink
    How do you tell if a sponge filter is big enough?
  10. finnfinnfriend
    03-06-2013 11:31 AM - permalink
    Oh WD you linked to the wrong video...That one no longer exists...I'll pm you the new link...
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