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Conversation Between finnfinnfriend and Hallyx
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  1. finnfinnfriend
    09-23-2013 11:30 PM - permalink
    Thanks Hallyx, I'll keep you updated...
  2. Hallyx
    09-23-2013 09:16 PM - permalink
    Adding a filter might reduce the colony in the other filter by spreading it around. I can't see how it would crash it unless it ran out of food (ammonia). Hang in there. It'll cycle back up in no time.
  3. finnfinnfriend
    09-23-2013 01:31 PM - permalink
    Yes the small tank has been stable for some time now. It was a 5g but I moved the fish and filter and filter and everything into a 2.5g about a month and a half ago and that cycle is still going strong. The only thing that could have upset the cycle on the 10g was that I added an additional filter, and I only did that to help the cycle! Its so annoying...wish me luck from here on out....sheesh
  4. Hallyx
    09-23-2013 09:14 AM - permalink
    Just read your "make sense" thread again. Is that the 2.5g that''s been running smooth and stable for almost a year now? Did you check tapwater? Did you forget to treat your refill water? It only takes once. Any plants die? I can't think of anything that would crash your cycle without killing your stock.

    It's some kind of mini-cycle. Treat it like a newly cycled tank. It'll come back in short order.
  5. Hallyx
    09-23-2013 07:17 AM - permalink
    Whoa...what's up with that? You already did a small-tank cycle successfully. What are you not doing, or doing wrong this time?
  6. finnfinnfriend
    09-21-2013 12:56 PM - permalink
    Oh sorry your page wasn't working. I thought you started to find me annoying lol. Glad you are better. My cycle is just a huge headache and I want to throw my test kit out the window.
  7. Hallyx
    09-21-2013 09:35 AM - permalink
    Better, Kate. They finally fixed my homepage, so that it's not just vertical lines of letters. I've been avoiding it. How're you? What's with your new cycle?
  8. finnfinnfriend
    09-15-2013 05:13 PM - permalink
    How are you doing today, Hallyx?
  9. finnfinnfriend
    09-15-2013 01:49 AM - permalink
    I see. I love my mini in my 2.5g. Perfect size IMO.
  10. Hallyx
    09-15-2013 01:25 AM - permalink
    It's weighted so it won't tip or float. The foam is just the right density for a bacteria colony.
    It can use an airstone which increases the flow without increasing the splashing. It's only a buck or two more than the cheapos.
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