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  1. momtofawn
    04-13-2012 12:16 PM - permalink
    I am interested to know how often a pet painted turtle should be fed. This one is six years old or more. I wasn't the first to have it. We were going to release it in the wild but was told it may not make it in the wild agter so long in captivity. My daughter tells me it doesn't need to be fed every day. The Reptomin box claims feed daily whatever it will eat. It eats well and appears healthy. As healthy as I can see. It is active and seems to be hungry a lot. I feed it Reptomin and some lettuce and it eats the Elm seed which fall into the pool we set up for it in the yard. I am also concerned because it stays in a container in the house, then, as the day warms some I put it outside. The pool is in the sun and the water gets really warm. It isn't very deep. I try to see that there is some shade over an area and it can get out of the water entirely. Any suggestions regarding food and water temps?
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