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Conversation Between aqua001 and dramaqueen
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  1. dramaqueen
    06-02-2012 08:40 PM - permalink
    I'll probably only have 2 or3 after getting moved.
  2. aqua001
    06-02-2012 08:38 PM - permalink
    Oh, whoops, I thought you had like 20 or something. I only have 1 betta but that's good enough.
  3. dramaqueen
    06-02-2012 08:36 PM - permalink
    I don't have any other pets. Just bettas. I have 9 now. I don't think I'll be getting any more since I may be moving.
  4. aqua001
    06-02-2012 08:33 PM - permalink
    HaHa! What other pets do you have? (besides, like, 99 million bettas lol) I have none but I'm hoping to get a leo sometime.
  5. dramaqueen
    06-02-2012 08:23 PM - permalink
    They're great. I just remembered that I have some Haribo cherries somewhere around here. Lol
  6. aqua001
    06-02-2012 08:16 PM - permalink
    I saw a commercial on the brand that you liked! I realized that I've tried them before and they are pretty good!
  7. aqua001
    05-25-2012 08:27 PM - permalink
    I only like 1 brand(forgot what it was called). The other ones are either not even sour or taste plain awkward.
  8. dramaqueen
    05-25-2012 08:15 PM - permalink
    I'll have to try sour gummi worms.
  9. aqua001
    05-25-2012 08:12 PM - permalink
    I don't eat them like EVERY day because, like i said, they taste weird after eating a lot. It's texture gets really weird and it seems that it is packed with sand. Anyway, isn't it funny how we are talking about candy?

    P.S. I like sour gummy worms too.
  10. dramaqueen
    05-25-2012 08:04 PM - permalink
    I thought about trying those but I didn't think I would like them.
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