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  1. BettaMommy531rip
    01-28-2012 10:59 AM - permalink
    I might go to PetCo as well today, but I might not be able to. :( I really hope to get there though. P.S. I can make you a free avatar, just go to the link in my sig. to get the free avatar thread. It's pretty cool. I even have a photo album for some of my work, so feel free to check that out too. :)
  2. BettaMommy531rip
    01-23-2012 02:08 PM - permalink
    I only have one VT girl. But I saw a gorgeous pink cambodian delta tail guy at my PetCo, he only had a touch of ammonia burning on his head. I want to go get him today, so I can put him in a 1.5 gallon hosptail tank to get that burn cleared up. But I plan to make an AquaBid account, and with the ability to access all those betta auctions, I could go crazy! But right now PetCo actually doesn't have half-bad fish so I think I might get a few from there! :)
  3. steezy
    01-23-2012 12:33 PM - permalink
    i know right?!?! they are extremely addicting i just wish i had a big enough tank for all of them! BUt thanks for the message(: btw theres a red veil, teal blue black grey white hm, blue purple white redish hm, & silver/red/black hm whom i bought sick :( wasnt really informed with the fin rot.. he lost a lot of his fin. (poor lil fishy) but he's fine now i think all the damage is done. How about you?? how many do u have??
  4. BettaMommy531rip
    01-19-2012 09:05 PM - permalink
    Oh yea! First to post visitor message! Also welcome to the forum! I remember posting on one of your threads just a little while ago! You only had one betta then! You have 4 now! That's crazy. LOL. It happens. Bettas are addictive. What colors are they?
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