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  1. MaisyDawgThirteen
    02-09-2013 10:07 AM - permalink
    As long as your water is under 15 dGH, you should be good. And even then, they can adapt to a little higher.
  2. MyRainbowBettaFish
    02-09-2013 10:04 AM - permalink
    im getting peppereds :)
  3. MaisyDawgThirteen
    02-09-2013 09:17 AM - permalink
    I do not personally keep cories, an yes I do have hard water. Cories prefer soft to moderately hard water (up to 15 dGH). But, it depends on which species you are going to purchase. The smaller cory cats are more finnicky, and delicate as would be expected due to their size. The larger ones will adapt better. For example, both the pepper cory cats and the pygmy cory cats can do well in up to 15 dGH, but the pygmy prefers under 8 dGH.

    In short, they can tolerate soft to moderately hard.
    But, smaller species generally prefer soft.
  4. MyRainbowBettaFish
    02-09-2013 09:10 AM - permalink
    hey maisy have a question for you! I noticed some of your posts said you had hard water, and so do i. do you have cories in your water? I am getting some soon and want to make sure they adapt fine..
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