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  1. carbonxxkidd
    01-21-2013 10:22 AM - permalink
    I have been to a couple different forums, one has a photo gallery of plant deficiency symptoms which is really helpful. I have eco-complete substrate in my 29 gallon and that is supposed to provide some ferts, it's been up and running about a month and all my plants have amazing growth so far. I swear my Amazon sword gets a new leaf every day, lol. The only thing I've noticed is the ends of my vals have been turning yellow, even though they've sent out a ton of runners. I will definitely do more research on other forums, I haven't joined any yet but reading has helped a lot. Good to know it's trial and error, too, as long as I don't overdose! Haha. Thanks :)
  2. kfryman
    01-21-2013 12:33 AM - permalink
    You can feel free to say it in my thread, but here is fine lol. First, you need to learn what each fert does to tell what your tank needs. So potassium is the driving force, plants are growing very small amounts or barely increase it, see what happens. It is really trial and error. You can find information on what each one helps with online. Then if you notice those symptoms you know what you should increase. It is more about knowledge. Learning more will help out. Also the plant information on here is pretty limited, if you want to learn some more I can give you another forum that is more for plants, so you should stay around here too. I learned much faster, and much more on there than here just because people on here can be newer to plants, there are only some that have had plants for a while and know a huge amount, I am not even close, it will take a long time with the amount of resources (money) to grow many other plants.
  3. carbonxxkidd
    01-20-2013 07:27 PM - permalink
    Sending you a message here so not to hijack your tank thread, lol. How would I know what is right for my plants in terms of ferts? I'm a planted tank newbie. Also, I noticed you have anubais. My anubais that I bought attached to driftwood at Petco has a couple yellowing leaves with holes in them - I'm pretty sure it was like that when I bought it but it is getting worse. Should I remove those leaves? The other leaves look okay right now...Thanks!
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