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Conversation Between kfryman and ao
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  1. kfryman
    10-15-2012 08:51 AM - permalink
    Haha, it's fine! Not anything super personal or anything.

    I kind of want to get a 17.4 gallon rimless tank, and have the sorority in the same tank they are in now. Since I wanna do an aquascape and I don't want to have to make it super dense or anything for them. We will see...

    Are you're drawings free?
  2. ao
    10-15-2012 01:10 AM - permalink
    Stalked this convo by accident....
    Get a pea puffer!
    I seriously want one of those when I graduate from my 2.5g
  3. kfryman
    09-23-2012 09:08 PM - permalink
    Yeah, they are starting to produce some baby plants. I managed to get a piece of duckweed, I'll have set something up outside to grow it.
  4. ao
    09-23-2012 06:54 PM - permalink
    Okay, thankyou! are they surviving?
  5. kfryman
    09-23-2012 06:53 PM - permalink
    I finally got the time to send you the money. It is $2
  6. kfryman
    09-16-2012 11:39 PM - permalink
    I need to save some money up and buy some frogbit on Aqubid, mine has been suffering, though they are making a small return. I love the roots though, they remind me of feathers when all nice and lush.
  7. ao
    09-16-2012 11:28 PM - permalink
    okies! I'm sorry it didn't turn out too well. I tried to give you as much as I could, hopefully the survivors will do well. My frogbits' roots just maxed the height of my 2.5g tank today.
  8. kfryman
    09-16-2012 11:25 PM - permalink
    I just threw what I could in the tank.

    More hardware store across the street has pond plants, and in the little ponds there is a lot of duckweed. I'm gonna scoop some up lol
  9. ao
    09-16-2012 11:06 PM - permalink
    purple muffin said his all died :/ except for a bit, which is probably duck weed.
  10. kfryman
    09-16-2012 10:57 PM - permalink
    I would say about 75%. Why?
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