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  1. kfryman
    10-17-2012 09:44 PM - permalink
    Are you sure? They look exactly the same and resemble the same leaf structure. I don't have any in my tank anyways. I was just curious.

    Well I have dirt in the tank. So if I have to rip it out, that means it will be a complete mess. So I will have to get a fertile substrate for good growth. Which means stratum. Not sure if I will get ADA or Azoo. Both are good products and do mostly the same thing. Just Azoo doesn't leach ammonia and the pellet shape lasts longer. They are both made in the same factory supposedly as well. Probably going with Azoo
  2. ao
    10-17-2012 09:34 PM - permalink
    oops posted on my own wall by accident

    I said

    "oh LAND baby tears? lke the ones they sell in pots at the local market? those are entirely different species...
    your tank, if it's not deep... I wouldn't worry about it too much for now... especially if it's closer to the top than the bottom.
    wht happened with the fertile substrate...?
  3. kfryman
    10-17-2012 09:28 PM - permalink
    Yeah HC, well I'm not sure if the baby tears I have seen on dry land is baby tears or HC as in dwarf.

    My tank is scratched/cracked, not deep, but it worries me. No one knows what happened, yet someone hit it and won't fess. Now I'm out money to buy new items since I won't have a fertile substrate.
  4. ao
    10-17-2012 10:56 AM - permalink
    you're talking about HC right? not HM? HM grows fine in a semi low tech aquarium. HC I'm not so sure. I'm growing it in my HOB, I didn't put any in my tank to test. It's converting to emerse leaves, so there was a large die off at first. you can see the new leaves coming up.
    the large leaf at the front is glosso
  5. kfryman
    10-17-2012 09:24 AM - permalink
    I was wondering why I couldn't go on...

    So you know that baby tears is a terrestrial plant that likes shade? But if I goes in the aquarium, it needs more CO2 than light. Kind of interesting. Before my redo of the tank I want to make sure I have pressurized CO2.
  6. ao
    10-17-2012 03:28 AM - permalink
    Oh dear, yesterday's server crash ate half my message, the rest of it said

    "My art isn't usually free . well, unless you run into one of my threads, lol.
    If drawing didn't take as much time as it does, I'd do free art for anyone XD"

  7. kfryman
    10-16-2012 08:51 AM - permalink
    Ripariums are awesome! There are some really awesome ones on TPT. I want to do a vivarium for dart frogs. May do that sometime next year, who knows... I know a breeder that I can get cheap frogs.
  8. ao
    10-15-2012 11:37 PM - permalink
    Man, I wish I had my own house. I'd do a riparium. :P

    My art isn't usually free . well, unless you run into o
  9. kfryman
    10-15-2012 07:27 PM - permalink
    If I do get a tank upgrade it would be the Mr. Aqua 17.4 gallon, same dimensions as my 15 gallon, just a few inches taller and rimless.

    Your welcome? Lol
  10. ao
    10-15-2012 09:53 AM - permalink
    Oh goodness, you're not going for an ADA tank are you?
    and you guys identified the nesaea pedicelleta I had floating around in my tank for me! I've been wondering what it was. lol
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