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  1. kangy
    02-20-2012 11:57 AM - permalink
    That is strange, I just did a whole tear down on my 40g to replace the substrate, it was crystal clear in 6 hours using a Remora Pro skimmer and Penguin Biowheel. I agree, it does not sound like sand. I would go with an algea bloom. If the tank is pretty new it will need to ride it's course. While this is a mixed opinion, you may want to try some carbon in your HOB for a day to see if it helps. What kind of skimmer do you have, on my remora you can adjust the height of the collection cup, the lower it is the more wet the foam will be and the faster it fills, the higher it is the more dry it is and the slower it fills.
  2. George9617
    02-14-2012 02:50 PM - permalink
    Wuttup kangy so far I have a 30 gallon skimmer and a 30 gallon biofilter in my 55, the skimmer isnt going nuts so I'm assuming it's not picking this stuff up. Plus since replacing biofilter I've yet to see a difference .the only other filters I have are in my freshwater tank and its only carbon filter..I know it's not sand cause I turned off all flow for hours with no clarity .I'm starting to. See it turn green so I covered the back to block sun and I'm saving up for a uv sterilizer,I'd rather find another solution seeing as iv been wasting money back and forth with wrong solutions....sorry for the ramble just trying to give as much info as possible .peace and thanks
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