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Conversation Between NflLover101 and Sherlock23
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  1. NflLover101
    01-01-2012 11:48 AM - permalink
    Awesome ! Sounds like a VERY pretty Sherlock :)
  2. Sherlock23
    01-01-2012 11:42 AM - permalink
    Oh and I have a blue big mystery sniall
  3. Sherlock23
    01-01-2012 11:41 AM - permalink
    I'll have to show ya a video of everybody, Sherlock and he's turning purple with a red tail and some blue at the end of it he's a pretty boy
  4. NflLover101
    01-01-2012 11:08 AM - permalink
    Awesome :) what's the new bettas name and what color is it ?:)
    Cool names for the tetras xD
  5. Sherlock23
    01-01-2012 11:02 AM - permalink
    I'm hopping it'll be like what happen with Rossco. ( btw I have three bettas <3 and tryin to find a small gold fish so i can have one xD) Rossco looked bloated so I stopped feeding him ( well not that much xD) and he was fine, Sherlock is meh new betta. He's was a Walmart rescue. He's an older betta. The tetras ( one name the Jonas brothers xD). The jo'bros are gray/black and the other one is a see threw pink.
  6. NflLover101
    01-01-2012 10:49 AM - permalink
    Your welcome :)
    Aww I hope it gets better :(
    Awesome ! What color are they ?
  7. Sherlock23
    01-01-2012 10:48 AM - permalink
    I'm doin just fine thank you. One of my fishes might have dropsy :-\ and I have four tetra fish, three like to play vollyball
  8. NflLover101
    01-01-2012 09:59 AM - permalink
    xD howdy stranger ! I'mm great thanks u marisa ?:)
  9. Sherlock23
    01-01-2012 09:59 AM - permalink
    Oh! Howdy stranger how are you?
  10. NflLover101
    01-01-2012 08:04 AM - permalink
    Never mind hunny came on last night
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