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  1. Sherlock23
    02-02-2012 10:10 PM - permalink
    Well it seems like you aren't allowed to come back here anymore, anywho if you do, I love ya and Hun and I won't be coming on here anymore. :) hope y'all have a nice life and hope you have an amazing time with Peach. Maybe we can reconnect later in life ^_^
    You are the greatest person ever and Peach is so very lucky. ^_^ I will truly miss you.
  2. Sherlock23
    01-21-2012 08:59 PM - permalink
    Heyy! Hope y'all are doin good! My mom is finally figuring out how hard fish keeping is. She lost a few fish today Dx we tested the ph levels and they were unsafe, so did full water change, Sherlock died D: but today we had gotten some guppies and one is pregnant! So yea we are gonna have some guppy fry! ^_^
  3. Sherlock23
    01-19-2012 06:19 PM - permalink
    Me too me too xD. That sounds like a good story, I'm also doing a Sherlock Homles story kinda xD but it's modern day xD. He's in the 20 gal but I've head people able to put him in there, he seems fine I know he's gonna be big boy. He's name is Sir Aruther xD. He's orange and has a big belly xD, he's a cutie.
    Yup Virginia. I will plus the town we are going to is small xD.
  4. TielBird101
    01-19-2012 04:50 PM - permalink
    I like danios personally. XD
    Hey neato!!! :D I wish we could write our own scripts for like a new Bonanza or something. X3
    How many gallons is the divided tank he's in? What's he look like? Have you named him yet? :D
    ROFL! XD Good thing you didn't get him. XD That would've been hard to deal with.
    Well it's not exactly Bonanza right now. It's about this boy who's father supposedly deserted and he receives a mysterious letter and goes off in search of his father. If you want to know already, his father DIDN'T desert. He's in the Secret Service tracking down smugglers in San Fran.
    Wow!! :D Virginia?!!! :D How cool! You HAVE to get me some pics! XD It's one state I've always wanted to go to. There and Nevada or Wyoming. Dixie LOVES car rides. XD She gets up in my lap and looks out the window or falls asleep the hole ride. XD
  5. Sherlock23
    01-18-2012 10:32 PM - permalink
    And.... Lol, he's cow hooves stink the house up so bad! It smells like we live on a farm! xD. But he loves he's lamb and rice food, but found out today we are yet moving again so I hope he'll do okay with it. Plus in a few months ( my mom is over protective of him xD) we have to take him with us to Vrigina because my mom gotta go there for school and she doesn't want to leave him with a dog sitter. We found a crate size thing to put him in so he won't kill himself ( he doesn't do good in cars, he doesn't get sick or anything he just won't settle down).
  6. Sherlock23
    01-18-2012 10:29 PM - permalink
    doesn't smell like animonia. But I still want to get a test kit for that I'f case. Oh I have a funny story to share,
    We were at petsmart today getting my mom some tetras, well she picked out these ones that are very active and where swimming around like crazy. Well one actually JUMPED out of the cup thing! :O it actually jumped out twice! It didn't die or anything the lady scoped him into the net and put him back in but man it was funny then she asked if our tank had a lid on it since he kept jumping out xD. But we ended up not getting him got another one xD. Well hey if they jumped out kitty would have a good super xD. Lol.
    What's your bonanza story about?
  7. Sherlock23
    01-18-2012 10:29 PM - permalink
    Calm tetras xD there no such breed xD they are pink jewl tetras they are kinda see threw they are very calm and he seems to be doin fine.
    Bonanza: alright well it's about this girl, The boys take her up to this camping site but there is a problem with it, it's not that far from Indian territory and it was back during when the Indians hated the white people.
    I had gotten one of those bigger gold fish, he's not really big he's small at the moment but he's getting bigger. The petsmart lady was concern about him going into a divded tank with the bettas and tetras ( and so was I ) but he's getting along with the tetras I have with him and they are wild ones xD and the tank
  8. TielBird101
    01-18-2012 08:58 PM - permalink
    Ouch! XP Cunningham!!! Move your hooves! XD
    Dixie gets gas if I give her rawhide. :P
  9. TielBird101
    01-18-2012 08:58 PM - permalink
    That's fine. :)
    The Bonanza one. :)
    LOL! XD Poor Cunningham doesn't even know what's goin on on here. XD
    I know! They're so expensive! I was lookin at em when I first got Peach and YEESH! XD
    What kind of fish is he?
    Clam tetras? Sorry. XD I don't know much about em. :) I've only seen Cardinal tetras. XD
    I love Rossco!!! XD
  10. Sherlock23
    01-18-2012 08:18 PM - permalink
    Oh and Cunningham needs to move he's bones! I cut myself on one of he's cow hoves xP
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