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  1. thekoimaiden
    08-08-2012 09:53 PM - permalink
    That stinks about the bichirs. Have you checked AB? My petsmart actually carries sengals. They claim they only need a 55 gallon tank. *facepalm* They actually offered me a job the last time I was there. I think I would blow my lid on too many people and get fired.

    I'll take your word about the reseal. Not looking to do that. It's going to be a few years before I get my large tanks. And even then I don't think they'll be as large as yours Ms Future Monster Fishkeeper! :P

    So MFK isn't the best place for advice? I was hoping to go to them about a discus setup I had planned for the next few years. I'm rethinking that now after I've heard what you and Sanguinefox have to say about them. Also I find it funny how you've progressed from bettas to monster fish! :D What exactly do you want to keep?
  2. Olympia
    08-08-2012 08:46 PM - permalink
    So I asked the LFS and it looks like the only bichir they can get in are albino senegals and regular senegals. :(
    I'll double check about the long fins. But blah, what a disappointment. I was told not to keep 2 species in such a small tank, but still a long finned one would be nice. Still, better than nothing since our Petsmart doesn't carry them.

    I'm doing a reseal on the tank, and I warn you, never do it.. I spent like 5 hours sitting inside the fish tank scraping off old silicone. At first, I figured it wasn't worth it. But then I remembered I'm an unemployed teenager and don't have any other choice if I want big fish.

    Also, I've realized, looking at all the MFK bare, decorless, overstuffed tanks, that my dream is to provide natural biotopes for monster fish.
    That'll go over well. I should just work at a zoo.
  3. thekoimaiden
    08-07-2012 04:13 PM - permalink
    It's pretty common because the fancies have a lot of digestive issues. I've got a word doc filled with recipes. Most every single goldfish keeper I know makes their own. And we all seem to use a slightly different recipe because of the differing food availability.
  4. Olympia
    08-07-2012 02:01 PM - permalink
    Fish mafia? Oh yea.

    Haha, fish food recipes. I know a lot of people do fish food for goldfish, right?
  5. thekoimaiden
    08-07-2012 01:57 PM - permalink
    I sense a new subform: fish food recipes!

    Wow. Sounds like a pretty exclusive place! Also if I you replace the word "fish" with almost anything else, it would sound like a mafia deal! LOL!!
  6. Olympia
    08-07-2012 01:41 PM - permalink
    Maybe I'll have some recipes posted some day! ;)

    Hah, my fish store used to just tell me "no" if I asked about the fish. Then I got an explanation. Now I've got my name in a book and all the fish I want ordered, which they'll order whenever they become available. Took some time to "get in" but I feel pretty special now!
  7. thekoimaiden
    08-07-2012 01:37 PM - permalink
    I wish that could happen to me. My LPS seems more focused on the furry pets than the fish.

    Haha! Why not? You're already making food for the rest of the tank! Don't want the cichlids and tetra to feel left out! :D
  8. Olympia
    08-07-2012 07:10 AM - permalink
    I used to think my LFS sucked.. but it's like the best store ever! :p

    Yea, I'll stay away from plant matter, minus for the cichlids and congo tetra. I may play around with food for them, considering I've actually found recipes for cichlid foods.
  9. thekoimaiden
    08-06-2012 11:55 PM - permalink
    Sounds like a great tank to me! You must have a pretty good LFS to only have to worry about getting the bichir.

    I'm no aquatic nutritionist, but I wouldn't include the plant matter. It's mostly used as a binder and because the majority of fish in the hobby are omnivorous; it's rather rare to find true predators. But most of these fish are. If it were my call I would leave it out and find another binder.

    My first batch of goldfish food... didn't turn out so well. But I learned a lot from it. Since then I've gotten better at it. Make smaller batches of food, so if you mess up you won't have to feed that batch for too long! :P
  10. Olympia
    08-06-2012 03:54 PM - permalink
    Home made food.. The current plan is fish fillets, probably pollock mostly. I read to avoid oily fish such as salmon (which is the first fish in the omega one food). Pollock, haddock and cod are best, of which pollock is the most affordable. After that, prawns (with shells), and mussels. Frozen whole silversides from a pet store. Mealworms as well as earthworms, maybe some other worm things that are sold for lizards. (Bugs for the butterfly fish too). From my research it seems bichir eat a lot of insects in the wild so I think it's a good idea.
    I'm debating whether or not to include carrots/peas. I PMd BettaBaby about it, she's an aquatic nutritionist. Every single commercial food seems to have some plant matter, but I'm curious if I can omit it since these fish are 100% predators. Waiting on that answer still.
    Going to try storing the food prepared in ice cube trays. Preparation is still a mystery to me though. xD
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