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Conversation Between thekoimaiden and Olympia
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  1. thekoimaiden
    08-12-2012 09:51 PM - permalink
    Oh okay. Good to know. Heck, none of my fish have ever had live foods. Except that one time I saw a koi eat a mosquitofish whole. Both were going after the same piece of food. Guess who won.

    Haha! There is nothing that says this has to be a strict biotope! Would you get them in place of the congo tetra?
  2. Olympia
    08-12-2012 08:10 PM - permalink
    Meh. That won't be a problem. And I'll be getting that much later on as well. Most fish don't have any problem transitioning to fresh foods, just processed foods.

    I'm seriously considering breaking the biotope and getting some angel fish.. waaah. ;-;
  3. thekoimaiden
    08-12-2012 08:08 PM - permalink
    Lol! Mr. Knife is in rehab. Recovering from a guppy addiction?

    What about the butterfly fish? I remember copperarabian saying she was trying to get it off of live foods, too.
  4. Olympia
    08-12-2012 07:25 PM - permalink
    Well Mr. Knife is still small so I have a tub he can live in during rehab. He's sort of out of the picture. Everyone else really isn't a problem.
    And I have no clue on the buffaloes. They're slow growers so it may be a while.
  5. thekoimaiden
    08-12-2012 07:22 PM - permalink
    I would think you would want to put the most difficult to work with in first and deal with their problems (like the African knife and the guppies) and then add the others in. How long until you feel comfortable with the buffalo head in the 90 gal?
  6. Olympia
    08-12-2012 03:11 PM - permalink
    Well I already have my buffalo heads. They are going to move into the 20 in 2 weeks though to grow some more.
    Uhhh.. It's pretty much an "all at once" thing. o-o Been trying to work out the best plan of action but it keeps coming up to just throw everyone in at once.
    The ctenopoma is going last is the only for sure thing since it can be pretty mean.
  7. thekoimaiden
    08-12-2012 01:44 PM - permalink
    I would be pretty nervous in your place, too. I know when I set up my next tank I'll be a jumble of nervous/excited. Just tackle things one at a time. Which fish are you going to get first?
  8. Olympia
    08-12-2012 01:24 PM - permalink
    It's just so nerve wracking.
    First challenge: Rope fish proof tank.
    Second challenge: Wean African knife off of feeder guppies. >_>
  9. thekoimaiden
    08-12-2012 01:14 PM - permalink
    I couldn't eat one of my fish. Not even the koi if there was a food shortage. They're pets! "Fish are friends not food!" lol

    I don't blame you for being nervous. It's a big tank, but we're here to help with advice where we can give it and a shoulder to lean on. Just take it slowly. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully! :)
  10. Olympia
    08-12-2012 07:08 AM - permalink
    He likes them because I said they're friendly and get to know their owners really well... How could you eat it?!

    Yup. The thought of this tank is terrifying me, I feel like I'll mess up something! D:
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