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  1. Olympia
    08-06-2012 03:53 PM - permalink
    Buffalo head cichilds are sort of rare. I've found someone selling them for $23 each.. I got my 5 babies for $20 ($5 each with one free because I like to haggle!). I'm HOPING they'll all live together nicely in the 90 gallon, but that's their decision. So at least 2 will stay.
    For the rest of the stocking. Hoping for 1 delhezi bichir, 1 longfin senegal bichir, 3 rope fish, 1-3 butterfly fish, 1 African knife, 1-2 leopard ctenopoma, 9 congo tetra. Still gotta ask the LFS about getting in the bichir though, I've never seen them around here. And I gotta see what types of synodontis they can get in for me as well.
    (2 posts since it's too long).
  2. thekoimaiden
    08-06-2012 03:01 PM - permalink
    LOL I have missed a lot while being stuck in the transportation systems of the west. I've never heard of buffalo head cichlids. I had to google them. So what's your stocking list look like now?

    I kinda like making home-made food for my fishies. I would do it for the bettas, but it's just too hard to cut pieces to fit in their mouths. What are you going to put in their food? (lol I'm gathering info for my possible future bichir tank)
  3. Olympia
    08-06-2012 02:45 PM - permalink
    Well, I crossed out kribs and got my new cichlids today. They're babies and have to wait in a 5 gallon until the tank is ready. They're called buffalo head cichlids, and get bigger than the kribs, so they'll do better with my big fishies. I got a group of 5. Hopefully they do well, I'm getting mixed replies on whether or not the whole group can live in the 90 gallon full grown or not. :s As always.

    So, you've missed a lot, I AM getting 2 bichir, as well as 3 ropefish. Lots of big fishies. They're going to get a home made diet, so that should be fun stuff.

    Hopefully the tank will be resealed by this week. Nerrr. I hate waiting.
  4. thekoimaiden
    08-06-2012 02:11 PM - permalink
    Hmm. I'll keep those bichirs in mind in case I ever get the tank space to have some. Until then I'll enjoy your tank :)

    Don't bichir and ropefish also like caves? I've also heard of large terracotta pots being used as caves for cichlids.
  5. Olympia
    08-03-2012 05:46 AM - permalink
    Hmm for bichir, either P. Delhezi, P. Palmas or a long finned senegal. Maybe two. (I swear once you start...) I think two would fit fit if I only had one synodontis, I don't know. It's useless asking on TFK because no one has a tank full of fish like that. I got a Fluval 403 (old!) which is a canister rated to 100 gallons. I may throw a 45 gallon HOB, but maybe not for the sake of the butterfly fish.

    I'm hoping the Kribs will always stay near their cave, that's why I want a breeding pair since they'll be compelled to. I'm going to make a small cave for them to claim that the others won't fit into. For the caves I'm going to use gathered rocks, and I may use some PVC piping as a "frame" for them. Longer pieces for the big guys, and I was thinking on of those connecters that's a bend for the Kribs. Unless I can do some caves without piping!
  6. thekoimaiden
    08-03-2012 04:27 AM - permalink
    I think the kribs will be fine, too. Especially if the ropefish grow up with them. What kind of bichir are you going to get?

    That's an awesome idea for the caves! How much time do kribs spend in caves? From what material are you going to make the caves?
  7. Olympia
    08-02-2012 07:27 PM - permalink
    Well that's what I thought too, and why I'm really confused about it.
    Anyways, I think the kribs will be fine. I just need enough cave systems. :) Really excited to build some caves, I want to make them like, cut in half against the front glass so you can see into them. Just silicone the sides of the rocks to not scratch the glass.
  8. thekoimaiden
    08-02-2012 06:40 PM - permalink
    Aren't ropefish smaller than bichir? Or at least they have a thinner head and body? I would imagine that if bichir are good with kribs, ropefish would be too. And I actually did a quick search on ropefish because my boyfriend was being nosey and found a video where someone has ropefish, bichir, and kribs in a tank.

    Bichirs? Ugly? They look awesome! Plus, I think they have really cute faces.
  9. Olympia
    08-02-2012 06:12 PM - permalink
    No, I know the bichir would be fine with the kribs actually because I read people do it... Just the ropefish, can't find any info on those guys at all! :s

    I'm really pumped for em they are adorable!
    Except a ton of people on the betta forum were insulting bichirs and saying they're ugly and I was like Whaaaaa! D:
  10. thekoimaiden
    08-02-2012 06:09 PM - permalink
    Ropefish and bichir are actually some of the fish I'd like to keep some day! Kinda jealous right now! ;P But really excited!

    I do think the congo tetra will be fine after you let them grow out. But I would be wary of the kribs. Cichlids have spiny dorsal fins, and even if the bichir tried to eat them, it could end very badly. Sanguinefox is a user here who has bichir in his aquarium. I would contact him and ask about what size fish he thinks would be too small to fit in his bichir's mouth.
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