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  1. Oldfishlady
    01-31-2012 04:54 PM - permalink
    Filters are optional for Bettas and depending on the plants-some do better than others in regards to water movement since the water movement help with nutrient uptake-the species you have should be fine without water movement-most likely the reason for the plants failures you have now is due to incorrect lights or color temp-the plants can't photosynthesis-a bit like being kept in the dark-you can see the lights but the plants can't use it for energy
    Water itself can be a problem too-how much and how often are the water changes, what is the source water used, additives and temp...
  2. Zappity
    01-31-2012 04:31 PM - permalink
    Okay. Thank you very much :)
    And also, one more question, do I need to filter that tank? My Anubias and moss balls suddenly fell apart last week and now his anacharis is kind of...clouding the water. >_>
  3. Oldfishlady
    01-31-2012 04:23 PM - permalink
    For live plants-florescent bulbs are best "daylight" 6500k...watts on a 5.5gal under 10watts or what ever it is graded for-watts can vary and are less important for plant growth-also, photoperiod is important-I would start on 10h/day and increase based on plant growth to algae growth...its a balance when dealing with live plants.
  4. Zappity
    01-31-2012 04:16 PM - permalink
    It doesn't say. It just says 'incadensent bulb'
  5. Zappity
    01-31-2012 04:11 PM - permalink
    I..have no idea. Let me go and look on the box.
  6. Oldfishlady
    01-31-2012 02:33 PM - permalink
    Do you know what the kelvin and watts are on the bulbs
  7. Zappity
    01-31-2012 12:35 PM - permalink
    Hi, OFL :)
    Just a quick question~ I have a 5.5gal tank with one male betta, heated, but not filtered. I just got him a few bunches of anacharis and I wondered if I needed to get a different light? he just has the regular light that comes with the tank set. I believe it's flouresent. If so, what do I get? LED? or..?
    Thank you:)
  8. Zappity
    01-17-2012 03:46 PM - permalink
    Wow, that's awesome! :) I would be so happy/proud if I bred a betta like that! ^_^
  9. Zappity
    01-17-2012 03:28 PM - permalink
    My God, the betta in your avatar is gorgeous!! O_O is he yours?
  10. Zappity
    12-29-2011 09:54 AM - permalink
    Hi OFL :) I just wondered, is a filter in a 5.5gal needed? I just got my guy a new tank and the filter is way too strong, and I know I can baffle it, but it seems to scare him, even when it's off. If it's not, what water change schedule would you suggest?
    Thank you :)
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