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Conversation Between Curlyfatbottom and Bettas Rule
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  1. Bettas Rule
    10-16-2011 11:58 AM - permalink
    Bettas Rule
    I saw that you deleted a comment on my page and I can only assume it was negative. Let me first start off by apologizing if I was offensive or rude to you in any way. I used to breed american pit bulls many years ago and I was breeding them when the bully breed was created. The creation of the bully breed had a VERY negative effect on the bully breed community due to massive over breeding for profit. Not to mention many people selling them as pure bred pit bulls. I have seen the damage breeding bully breeds can do, and I can get emotional about it. If I came off rude I apologize, I just feel that before you add to the overpopulation of the bully breed, maybe you might want to go walk around your local pet shelter and see how many beautiful and well bred dogs are being put to sleep. Dogs that people probably spend hundreds of dollars on are now on death row. If you really love dogs, stop and think about your actions. I don't dislike you and I apologize if I was rude.
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