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Conversation Between betta89 and betta lover1507
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  1. betta lover1507
    11-13-2011 11:45 AM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    am very confused right now, they both would flare at each other and straw berry would not go to chili's nest, but when she does she tries to destroy it?=\ they would never do this before, she is scared awhile she flares at him? i don't think there going to spawn am going to keep her in there for 2 days
  2. betta89
    11-13-2011 09:27 AM - permalink
    ha ha
    anser to pic coment his tail when i got him was almost perfectly round now its almost a zigzag on the edge
  3. betta lover1507
    11-12-2011 02:32 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    well chili does the funky wiggle dance (it is an LOL moment), but straw berry will flare at him, he will runn away, go back and flare, then run, and fixes his nest, am like what the heck LOL?
  4. betta89
    11-12-2011 11:00 AM - permalink
    good luck i tried to spawn spazz with my bros femaile but she beat him up he has chunks of his tail missing now
    this was before the fin rot his fin regrew but then he got the fin rot i think it is any way im gona post and ask just to make shour though
    how is straw berry and chile?
  5. betta lover1507
    11-11-2011 10:11 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    am sorry to hear that, that's how my poor boy "sky light" died and we had no money for a medication =''[

    the good side that am re-spawning my betta's (straw berry & chili) and i have food for the fries, and the tank is 27 galls tall, and i have this heater but it really isn't for fish so it just blows warm air and it warms up the tank =]
  6. betta89
    11-11-2011 02:40 PM - permalink
    naw your not stupid bettas get sick
    i think 2 of mine have fin rot
    i had to get rid of my other bettas becase i moved so all i have now is spazz and my doble tail
  7. betta lover1507
    11-10-2011 12:41 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    awww oceanist eye has grown bad again am so stupid >.<
  8. betta lover1507
    11-03-2011 06:42 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    ok i was just checking in ;)
  9. betta89
    11-03-2011 06:38 PM - permalink
    ok but he seems sick it dosent look like mutch but im gona keep an eye on him
  10. betta lover1507
    11-03-2011 06:35 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    how is your DBT?

    my older brother just might give me his CT boy because since he takes care of 2 ball pythons, he has no time to care for the CT
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