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Conversation Between helms97 and Bombalurina
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  1. helms97
    11-11-2013 02:09 PM - permalink
    okay thank you! they will be my firstso i was thinking that would be my best bet too..

    And no forum is as great and as excepting as this one! lol.. i will be sure to keep you updated with my ratty decisions ! hash!
  2. Bombalurina
    11-10-2013 08:52 PM - permalink
    If these are your first rats, I'd probably go with boys. I love my girls dearly, but my boys were much easier to deal with. They just plopped down on my chest for a snuggle and a snooze. My girls will spend our cuddle-time wrestling inside my shirt.

    Personally, I don't enjoy rat forums. :( I have tried a couple, and several facebook groups, and found them all to be quite judgemental and clique-y. I'm sorry I can't help with that - I wish there was an equivalent of for rats!

    If you need any advice/information/someone to share adorable pictures with, I'm happy to help. :)
  3. helms97
    11-10-2013 08:44 PM - permalink
    hi! i just saw your post on some thread and saw that you have rats! i really want to get two but making my mind up on the gender i want is really tough. lol.. im also holding up on getting them because im hoping i can get a majority of their stuff on black friday.. ANYWAYS, i was wondering if you could point me to any good rat forums? i tried to sign up onto the ratforum and was never excepted.. thanks!
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