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  1. NflLover101
    01-20-2012 12:33 PM - permalink
    i thank u alot for coming on now, considering all the tension that's in the house now.
  2. NflLover101
    01-20-2012 12:32 PM - permalink
    *hugs again* that's for sure and no matter what i'll try my best to stay in touch just as much as i possiblly can :)
    yea, i know. my dad is flying just as soon as he can unless she dies before then :(
    thank u charity and hope, i truly do appreicate it :)
    i'll stay as long as possible too :)
  3. NflLover101
    01-20-2012 12:10 PM - permalink
    how long can u stay ? i can't thank u enough for coming on today :)
  4. NflLover101
    01-20-2012 09:51 AM - permalink
    URGENT PRAYER REQUEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my dad's mom, whom i've asked prayers for before. is dying as i speak. she's in the hospital dying, she's unconous, her kidneys have shut down, she can't breath on her own now. and daddy will fly down probab;y in a few hours. and he's SO afriad that she will die before or one of his brothers will say like it's time and take her off lifesupport before he gets there.major stressful right now need prayers ASAP. they are doing tests now, daddy may have to fly overnight if she's still alive then. sadly his brothers, one is only like 15 mins away and the other is bout 4hours away AREN'T going to see her since she's not concious, which is so sad, idk if his sister is going to see her or not. and her b-day was in 10 or 11 days and she's 90 now.

    how i wish i could just cry(or at least talk to u on the phone) on your shoulder now, it's not that i'm close to her but still.. i just feel like falling apart now.. i'm almost in tears now..
  5. NflLover101
    01-20-2012 08:06 AM - permalink
    Clara, I didn't mean to scared u in that pm, I'm sorry if I did. But if congress passes those bills they will be able to "censor" the internet however THEY want too.
    So they could shut down any website that they wanted too, so I'm praying that it doesn't pass.
    But whatever happens, I just wanted to let u know that we are never away from each other, we are just in each others hearts, right ? :) *hugs hunny and clara*

    I had a WHOLE pm FULL of pics for u from my clothes and i got logged out as i sent it, now i'll have to redo the WHOLE thing, but that's not important right now. i'll get them as soon as i can but right now i feel bad. read the prayer request.
  6. NflLover101
    01-19-2012 08:30 PM - permalink
    Night BFFEE :)
  7. ManInBlack2010
    01-19-2012 08:13 PM - permalink
    lol no problem at all, clicker training is fairly simple, i just feel like it's an unnessisary step in training. baisically you click the clicker and feed your dog a treat and after a while they understand that click means 'good' - for myself i feel that just saying 'good' or giving a food reward is much more personal and simpler. as for the jumping, use the same techniques i told you about to stop leash pulling ;)
  8. Sherlock23
    01-19-2012 06:19 PM - permalink
    Me too me too xD. That sounds like a good story, I'm also doing a Sherlock Homles story kinda xD but it's modern day xD. He's in the 20 gal but I've head people able to put him in there, he seems fine I know he's gonna be big boy. He's name is Sir Aruther xD. He's orange and has a big belly xD, he's a cutie.
    Yup Virginia. I will plus the town we are going to is small xD.
  9. NflLover101
    01-19-2012 06:02 PM - permalink
    I'll get u pics of the clothes tomorrow cuz the colors look weird in the light since its so dark outside now okay ?;)
    I'm not crazy bout polos since they are so plain and they have no design but when i saw those at goodwill today and my mom liked them on me and i knew u would want me to get them so I did. But I still want aero's polos, there's look more fitted Xd the polos i got aren't fitted like how I like them but I figured I would give them a go.
  10. fishman12
    01-19-2012 05:56 PM - permalink
    Then you're probably older than me. I have Geometry. This person in 8th grade takes 12th grade math...

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    I love animals and want to be a pilot when I'm older!
    In a land of Sunshine, Lollipops, and rainbows XD
    TALKING TO MY BFFL!!!!, Playing the violin, Training our dogs, and drawing
    Future Pilot. XD
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    8 month - Betta -VT-male- Peach
    9 month - Golden Retriever -Female- Dixie
    7 year old - Cinnamon Cockatiel -Female- Ladybird
    And a black mystery snail named, Bon-Bon Hoss

    To do list:
    1. Save money
    2. Ask Parents
    3. Buy all the Bettas in PetSmart.


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