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  1. NflLover101
    01-13-2012 01:24 PM - permalink
    u don't even have a clue on what i went though the past couple of days and u weren;t there for me when i needed u the most.
    i've counted on u MANY times and u weren;t there so i won't get my feelings hurt or crushed i'm only counting on god from now on.
    i'm not saying ANYTHING to be mean but didn't u ask me to be truthful.i;m only talking from my heart now. no more lies from me.
  2. NflLover101
    01-13-2012 01:21 PM - permalink
    or are u just gonna say i'm sorry ?
    do u even like me anymore ? do u care ? i don't think so, that's not what your actions are saying.
  3. NflLover101
    01-13-2012 01:20 PM - permalink
    Then don't say anything if u don't have anything to say. and aren't u gonna respond to my vms ?
  4. TielBird101
    01-13-2012 01:07 PM - permalink
    I feel so awful!!! :'( I've been a terrible friend and now I feel like this really aching in my heart. I want to do something about it so bad! To repair our friendship but I just don't know what to do or say anymore. :(
  5. NflLover101
    01-12-2012 08:42 PM - permalink
    Mornin :)
    Would u PLEASE come on and talk with me today ? it's super urgent, it can't wait a day longer !!!!!
    how long can u stay ?

    Do u EVEN realize HOW LUCKY u are to have a tiel, golden AND a betta ?
    I can only get sea monkeys and u have ALL these pets, PLUS sherlock and murdoch. Yea, of course I have MATERIAL items but that's ALL they are and u act like it's no biggie that u have SO many pets of your own.
  6. NflLover101
    01-12-2012 07:15 PM - permalink
    But I don't think YOU even want to talk to me anymore. U see hunny DOES come on and talk to me EVEN if it's only for a few minutes. And YOU doesn't. Does you even like me anymore ?
    You don't EVEN know how much I've cried missed u, it's been horrible :(
    I;m not TRYING to make u mad or sad but lately u aren't here for me at ALL. I;m sorry if I did something to make u hate me and to not talk to me :(
  7. NflLover101
    01-12-2012 04:08 PM - permalink
    WHEN we FIRST met, u didn't have ANY pets. Then u got dixie, but u were still the same. Then Ladybird. still the same. But after u got Peach, u changed. I can't express it in words right now but it's like idk u don't care as much as u used too. u can say that's not true, but your actions speak louder than words. and your actions say that u still care a bit but now that your busy with your pets, life and family. i'm not as important anymore, thank goodness hunny hasn't forsaken me :)
    u can say that's not true, but it is. nothing can change your actions and they DO speak LOUDER than words to me. nothing can change that.
    and unless your actions change, idk if we will even be friends in feb.
    u HAVE to show that u care to me, NOT just saying it.
    I feel like... no wait....i KNOW i'm just being told excuses why u can't come on. when hunny doesn't.
    and I TOTALLY understand how ya'll are busy but hunny bothers and TAKES the time and talk even if for a min unlike u.
  8. NflLover101
    01-12-2012 08:38 AM - permalink
    Clara, I just wanted u to know that last pm wasn't sent to make mad, sad or angry, it was to show u how I really feel, after all didn't u ask me to do that with u ?
  9. TielBird101
    01-11-2012 11:32 AM - permalink
    I'll BRB if possible to reply to all of the vms and pms!!!! GTG eat!!!!
  10. NflLover101
    01-11-2012 10:04 AM - permalink
    read the pm called help and u will see why i;m not asking or going to ask for any lessons :(
    Just forget and don't EVER mention bout horse lessons again.
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