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Conversation Between BettaMiah and TielBird101
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  1. TielBird101
    12-08-2011 05:00 PM - permalink
    Well, i used a mirror so he'd flare then point a finger at him. Now when I point my finger at him he flares. ::)
  2. BettaMiah
    12-08-2011 04:58 PM - permalink
    Flares on command? Thats amazing! ow did you teach him that?
  3. TielBird101
    12-08-2011 04:52 PM - permalink
    Aww thankies! ^.^ Peach just likes nipping my fingers thinking I still have food. ::) Oh yeah and picking on my snail. XD Peach flares on command now and follows my violin bow. ::) For some reason he won't follow the pencil. :P
  4. BettaMiah
    12-08-2011 04:46 PM - permalink
    That you do! Lol. Yuuki my boy, he's good! Lovin' life, thats for sure. I'll give him an extra pet for you (I discovered he loves to be petted)
  5. TielBird101
    12-08-2011 04:32 PM - permalink
    How's Yuuki, my fav of your fish? XD He's such a pretty boy. Such wonderful fins! He was so much fun to draw I still have him as my profile pic. XD
  6. BettaMiah
    10-10-2011 10:00 PM - permalink
    Yes! I love Horses. >.< I have ALWAYS wanted a Fresian. And always will... But soon I swear I WILL have one!!
  7. BettaMiah
    09-25-2011 05:29 PM - permalink
    Thats what I thought. :3 ORLY? Still, they are pretty cute.
  8. BettaMiah
    09-25-2011 05:04 PM - permalink
    Whats a peek-a-poo?

    I think I know but not sure.

    Pekinese! LOVE THEM! So fluffy and cute.
  9. BettaMiah
    09-25-2011 04:47 PM - permalink
    3 dogs! Wow!

    I have 2 Budgies (parakeets). A male and a female. They aren't very nice, but they will sit on your shoulder and chat with you.

    I have a Rat-Cha dog and his name is Chili.

    Are your other dogs Goldens?
  10. BettaMiah
    09-25-2011 04:40 PM - permalink
    Oh, and I also have birds. I love them. They started immitating me. One of them tries to talk and the other makes little WEEHOO sounds and kissy sounds.
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