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Conversation Between sjbettas and GreenTea
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  1. GreenTea
    09-04-2011 06:35 AM - permalink
    Or my albums section, there are photos there as well.
  2. GreenTea
    09-04-2011 06:33 AM - permalink
    I have two giant hmpk males already, you can see my threads if you look in statistics. One is Cambodian red/purple and one is irridescent green/blue/purple. I'm hoping to breed the Cambodian but he's insanely aggressive and has never built a bubble nest, whereas the other guy is much more relaxed and builds nests like crazy so we'll see. I'm looking for a giant hmpk purple, Cambodian, or marble female.
  3. sjbettas
    09-04-2011 05:58 AM - permalink
    ill probably have a few hundred bettas in 2 months that need a home. lol can i give u my rejects lol im just kidding
  4. GreenTea
    09-04-2011 03:35 AM - permalink
    Deal =] I will. Males or females? I'm talking with bettaakapes getting some giant marble females. I'm going to be breeding hmpk with hmpk, just fyi.
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