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Conversation Between Laki and Aluyasha
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  1. Laki
    10-14-2011 09:35 PM - permalink
    I like it too!! :)
  2. Aluyasha
    10-13-2011 07:48 PM - permalink
    That is what I noticed too. I kinda stopped going there because no one was on. And, in my case, no one seemed to respond to my threads.
    The people on here always respond and are very nice. I like how the forum is setup too. :)
  3. Laki
    10-13-2011 07:20 PM - permalink
    By far. PawTalk was my first but nobody's around now. Except spammers looking for simple google-able questions. I check it everyday through habit but my CP is always either empty or has some dead threads in it. Boring. :)
  4. Aluyasha
    10-13-2011 07:14 PM - permalink
    Yeah, this has to be my favorite forum. lol
  5. Laki
    10-13-2011 07:09 PM - permalink
    I never noticed your user name here! I had no idea! :D tee hee go us! This is the best betta forum ever eh ;)
  6. Aluyasha
    10-13-2011 02:58 PM - permalink
    I thought your other pets looked familiar too! Hello! lol
  7. Laki
    10-13-2011 09:30 AM - permalink
    OH HEY Aluyasha!!I'm purple-hops!! :P
  8. Aluyasha
    10-13-2011 03:25 AM - permalink
    Are you on PawTalk? Your Betta sounds familiar. :)
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