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  1. Jaclyn
    08-19-2011 12:43 PM - permalink
    The Betta I was asking you about is in my avatar pic. I need to look at his tail closer when I get off work, but his tail has an extreme split in the middle. When he's swimming he looks like a perfect heart, so I really hope that's what he is. I saved him from Pet Supplies Plus, they had gotten him in the day before but there were 5 bettas already dead in their cups. It made me so sad. He was the only one that wasnt a VT though and for $3.49 I couldn't pass him up. I hope is is a heart tail lol
  2. flowerslegacy
    08-18-2011 09:46 PM - permalink
    Hi Jaclyn - I mis-informed you!! The caudel fin is the tail fin. The ventrals are those skinny little fins that dangle below their gills. Currently I've been trying to decide if one of my bettas is a female or a male so I've been studying ventrals. My apologies - I have ventrals on the brain! So to re-cap about the Heart-Tail: Their caudel fin (aka.tail fin) is split, but fused together at the top, right near their body. This is what creates a heart shape. It's obvious and the tail isn't fully split like a true Double-Tail. Hope this helps!
  3. flowerslegacy
    08-18-2011 08:04 PM - permalink
    Hi Jaclyn - My beautiful boy is a Double-Tail. Sounds like your boy is too! I got him a few months ago at Petco. There is another type of betta with a split tail fin called a Heart-Tail. However, those fish are much more rare and have a very distinctive caudel fin (the caudel fins are those skinny little fins that dangle below their gills). The caudel fins of the Heart Tail are actually split, but then fused together at the top, creating a heart-shape. I have yet to see one. I'd love to see a pic of your boy. He sounds beautiful! Kasey
  4. Jaclyn
    08-18-2011 12:18 PM - permalink
    What kind of beta would you categorize the one in your avatar pic? I bought one yesterday that looks similar, but cant put my finger on what he is. I'll post a pic later, but he's white bodied with green iridescence with bright red fins. The top fin looks like a crown's. His tail is split and both lobes are rounded (like a heart) and the bottom fin matches the size of the top. All of his fins are very big though(like that of a halfmoon) He's beautiful, but I have no clue what to say he is? haha
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