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Conversation Between MistersMom and TielBird101
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  1. MistersMom
    10-08-2011 06:11 PM - permalink
    thats great! i love my bettas... :p be sure to post pics of yours i am anxious to see it!
  2. TielBird101
    10-08-2011 06:02 PM - permalink
    He had said too many pets but I asked again last night and presented all of my facts and he said YES!!!! I just brought home a beautiful VT male!!!! I'm so excited!!! I think he may turn purple!
  3. MistersMom
    10-08-2011 05:30 PM - permalink
    no, why not?
  4. TielBird101
    10-06-2011 08:52 PM - permalink
    Thank you! ^.^ How've ya been? I guess you read where I won't be getting a betta. :P
  5. MistersMom
    10-05-2011 10:16 PM - permalink
    your a great artist. like amazing!
  6. MistersMom
    09-22-2011 08:42 PM - permalink
    thank you!!!!! ^.^. i may be getting a new Betta... any name ideas?!?!
  7. TielBird101
    09-22-2011 02:37 PM - permalink
    That's cute! ^.^ I like how you named your bettas.
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