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  1. betta lover1507
    04-18-2012 03:42 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    I just got sparta a heater!!!! :D am so happy!!! now i have less worry :))
  2. betta lover1507
    04-13-2012 11:40 AM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    thanks{:) and yes i have 8 betta's, my younger brother killed my non-betta fish though :'(
    i have a royal blue HM girl, blue marble CT girl, wild type CT girl, red marble over halfmoon rosetail boy (my avi), a black orchid CT boy, i still have sparta, cellphone dragon VT boy, and a HMPK half big ear boy
    there still never could replace my fish before. your so lucky! i've always wanted a dragon female XP am jelaous right now
  3. betta89
    04-13-2012 06:28 AM - permalink
    Awww I'm sorry that docent sound good.
    and no new bettas but I do have my eye on a bluish purple dragon girl
    And your fine I couldn't even get my bettas to breed, I tried but they just fought, do you have any new bettas?
  4. betta lover1507
    04-08-2012 09:28 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    haha i noticed XP i only have one fry i named "Sparta" and he/she is severely stunted :( it is my fault though. he/she is about 4 months old. i lost all my fish besides sparta and phantom :'( now i have new fish, and getting the girl in my avi by wednesday or something. how is everyone from you? did you get any new girls or boys?
    also i been having lot's of issue's right now with breeding (lot's of user's) so i won't be breeding for awhile. am still pulling things together though, even how much i say it. someone is giving me negative comments about not and you should join the IBC (international betta congress), it is almost like he is forcing me :( since he is a very good breeder. am not sure if he is trying to be rude and nice at the same time, or he mistakenly makes it sounds that way, i don't know. then i got birds and users are giving me troubles too, though i know there trying to be calm and help me out with it (i think)
  5. betta89
    04-08-2012 09:07 PM - permalink
    How's everything going i haven't been on here for ever!!!
    Srry about that my computer broke and I just dident have the mony to fix it and my iPhone really knows how to drain my mony with data charges but.... Ummm ya ..... So how did the whole spawning thing go? Did the fry survive?
  6. betta lover1507
    01-19-2012 02:41 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    thanks {:) am trying my best am soon going to start spawning again when i get my equipment back >.>"
    am going to try to spawn lady amaya and phantom since she is my only girl that isn't a VT :P and i think the fry (if she/he lives) end up to be a VT too. if it is a boy his name will be sparta if it is a girl it will be named (maybe) charon (a moon of a planet)
  7. betta89
    01-18-2012 04:09 PM - permalink
    That's to bad :(
    Hope that little fry survives
  8. betta lover1507
    01-18-2012 10:02 AM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    am sorry to hear about that, well i only have one fry left from the spawn :( i lost another betta from dropsy yesterday (one of the girls my brother gave me) rose and oceanist died last week, i only have luna, lady amaya (aquabid girl avi), volcano (my brother gave me her), and phantom (my black orchid CT male) and phantom is my only boy
  9. betta89
    01-17-2012 08:44 PM - permalink
    Sorry I haven't been on at all my commuter crashed and I got carried away in school work, I'm not pleased to report my doble tail is not well he has been sick on and off all the time now but it isn't anyting I can I dentify, you know whene a fish is healthy or was but it's just there time to go.
    *sigh* sorry if that docent make sense spazz Is fine though but he got finrot again but it's almost gone now so that's good I'm sorry to hear about your bettas I hope the spawn is well plz right back
  10. betta lover1507
    12-30-2011 10:56 PM - permalink
    betta lover1507
    hey betta89 sorry i haven't been talking back much, got carried away with art. i lost chili pepper, katrina, strawberry, and lunar =[ (half of my betta's) but i hope that the spawn of chili and strawberry live
    also am getting a new betta >.> off aquabid, am very excited about it
    mostly how is spazz and your double tail? like to hear about them =]
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