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Conversation Between Pucky21811 and Alcemistnv
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  1. Alcemistnv
    07-13-2012 09:19 PM - permalink
    haha your welcome :3
    Enjoy the rest of your summer ~
  2. Pucky21811
    07-13-2012 04:21 PM - permalink
    Of course! Just too glad to be home. :) Thank you for asking
  3. Alcemistnv
    07-02-2012 10:50 PM - permalink
    thats awesome haha :D

    Despite being long and boring (like most classes are), did everything go well? :)
  4. Pucky21811
    07-02-2012 08:34 AM - permalink
    Sorry really busy - summer classes are intensive and in a word, brutal. I'm done tomorrow though so I'm very relieved. :)
  5. Alcemistnv
    06-02-2012 08:50 PM - permalink
    Yup I go to Suny New Paltz :)
    How are the summer classes?
  6. Pucky21811
    06-02-2012 07:23 PM - permalink
    Well, I'm in a small town about 45 minutes from Poughkeepsie, I'm sitting on the NY-CT border. I just tell people Poughkeepsie because that is the closest marking point for people to recognize. I go to school up at SUNY Plattsburgh, actually where I am now for summer classes. I'm assuming you're SUNY New Paltz?
  7. Alcemistnv
    05-28-2012 11:21 PM - permalink
    OMG You live in oPughkeepsie? :D I go to New Paltz!
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