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  1. Shirleythebetta
    01-22-2012 04:04 AM - permalink
    Yea I will def keep you in the loop. There should be a family get together in the spring Hahah. Yea I have been watching them closly. I have a 10 gallon on reserve and a small hospital tank. Mostly at the moment It seems like intimidation. But I will keep you updated.
  2. LittleBettas
    01-22-2012 03:45 AM - permalink
    Keep a look out on the mortal enemies, I ended up having to remove one of my girls, Eurydice, because she kept getting into it REALLY bad with Omen... I made the decision to remove her because she would also attack the other girls....
    Thats exactly what Im talking about, its like a little soap opera.... both myself and my BF LOVE to sit there and watch them, its VERY peaceful and sometimes you just can't help but laugh at their antics
    I'd love to hear what happens when you break the news to your great aunts! lmao
  3. Shirleythebetta
    01-22-2012 03:01 AM - permalink
    I must have read your mind cuz I just did that. yea I have noticed. I have two (wanda and rose) who are mortal enemys. They there is margaret and Maudie who are buds. Shirley likes to go around and be friends with everybody and patty is kind of the momma (makes sure everybodys behaving. And my little weirdo of the tank is Alice. She likes to hang out in the bubbles all day. My theme for these guys are my great aunts. haha they probly would get mad but I see it as a compliment.
  4. LittleBettas
    01-22-2012 02:53 AM - permalink
    If they are being to aggressive you can take them all out and do it now...
    It really amazing to watch them, they seem to have such complicated little lives.... and you'll probably start to notice that they stay in groups or pairs (buddy system)... I know a few members have said that they have caught two of their girls snuggling up together while sleeping XD the girls are all so cute
  5. Shirleythebetta
    01-22-2012 01:54 AM - permalink
    This forum helps me figure out what I have done good and what I need corrected on which is nice. Oh, Charlie is doing great too. He is still skiddish but is adjusting nicely. He didn't know what to do when he tasted his first actual blood worm. He kept looking at the feed hole for more. The girls ate them like pirahna.
  6. Shirleythebetta
    01-22-2012 01:51 AM - permalink
    I should have done that. I wasn't even thinking about it, everybody is being treated for torn fins since Patty was missing them anyways when I bought her. Everybody should have some decent healthy fins soon. She calmed down and I see more harmony. No really, the only tude I see right now is between two of the new girls. I should have introduced them little better. :( I sometimes think Patty was one of those miserables that got thrown in with another fish for fun. she was missing almost her entire dorsel, Anal fin was gone except for a sliver. She is growing her fins back already though and I think she is going to end up with a neat little tail. color has turned into an orange/pink. Patty's the boss. She is keeping everyone in order now and I saw what looked like her break up a fight between the new girls. I never knew there was such a heirarchy in a betta's world. I am still learning though. I never claim to be a pro. hehe.
  7. LittleBettas
    01-21-2012 04:22 PM - permalink
    Normally it is reccomended when you add new girls your remove the older girls, rearrange the tank, then float everyone above it again... it helps prevent the older girls from being to aggressive (since its THEIR territory)
  8. Shirleythebetta
    01-21-2012 04:38 AM - permalink
    I forgot to answer your question about the release. I left the new girls in the cups for twenty minutes so the old girls could investigate them a little and the release went well. Until Patty picked at a new gal that already had a hole in her fin. I ended up baffling the filter because after Patty and a filter blast her fin is rags now. I may end up putting that on in the hospitol tank so no one nips them off til they get better. Margaret is the emotional one and was showing stress lines but she seems to be relaxing. I am watching them like a hawk for a bit to see reactions for now.
  9. Shirleythebetta
    01-21-2012 04:18 AM - permalink
    Thanks for all the comments on my babys, er, I mean betta's. I started out with miserable little guy from walmart happily named fishy (steel blue veil tale) and after he died after 3 months because of his miserable conditions I have been hooked on them. He was picked up in nasty water (of course) and I think what got him was his stiff fin. I could never get him healed from that. He also had gill issues. But he had a nice three months remaining. My second boy was red and I have had him for 6 months or so and after that they friggin exploded.
  10. LittleBettas
    01-20-2012 10:59 PM - permalink
    Lol... looks like someone got the betta bug BAD!!!! Going over to check now
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