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Conversation Between pianoxlove64 and Neil D
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  1. pianoxlove64
    08-18-2011 01:30 PM - permalink
    wow i havent been on here in awhile and thank you so much!!!
  2. Neil D
    08-13-2011 09:04 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    I don't know...I have two for Facebook and this forum...and one as my personal email....I think if you go to subscribed threads, it'll give you individual options for each thread...
  3. pianoxlove64
    08-13-2011 08:51 PM - permalink
    hey i was wondering ive been getting a ton of emails about this site like new posts on threads and stuff. how do i stop them?
  4. Neil D
    07-24-2011 09:45 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    *snaps* you shouldn't. -_-

    Lol anyways....
  5. pianoxlove64
    07-24-2011 09:42 PM - permalink
    hahaha ok i feel better than :D
  6. Neil D
    07-24-2011 09:30 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    Lol yeah, I did that too at first
  7. pianoxlove64
    07-24-2011 09:20 PM - permalink
    hahaha oops at first i didnt get wat u meant then i was oooh oops
  8. Neil D
    07-24-2011 03:59 PM - permalink
    Neil D
    When you make a reply to a visitor comment you have to write it on the other persons page
  9. Neil D
    07-22-2011 08:45 AM - permalink
    Neil D
    Don't mention it's life....?

    EDIT: if no ones looked at it for 1-2 days, you can "bump" the thread, basically type "bump" as a post, but don't do this unless it's a question. Like:

    "My betta has SBD!" <---- you can bump that

    "So what's going on?" <---- please don't bump that.
  10. pianoxlove64
    07-21-2011 11:33 PM - permalink
    oops nevermind a couple people answered it but thank u for all your help i really appreciate it

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