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Conversation Between amwjaguar and BarbH
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  1. BarbH
    07-13-2011 12:18 PM - permalink
    Happy to hear that your angel is doing better For getting her back onto flake food I would suggest that you start to slowly introduce her back to flake food. It might take awhile for her to make the change.
  2. amwjaguar
    07-12-2011 09:49 PM - permalink
    hey barb! I forgot what form we were talking on about my angelfish. Well i wanted to update you on how she is doing, i have been feeding her on brine shrimp, that is what a few people at the petstores have been telling me to feed her, and its working, she looks healthy again, but now... i cant figure out how to get her back into fish food. I dont want to feed her brine shrimp all the time. Her attitude has also improved, maybe i had to many fish in the tank, when the levels jumped the last time it killed off alot of platies, so maybe she felt crowded, who knows, lol.
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