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Conversation Between fishlover123 and bettalover2033
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  1. bettalover2033
    06-22-2011 05:45 PM - permalink
    Well first i would say not to feed the fish anything but certified fish food. If i were you and had a stubborn betta that wont eat, i would fast him or her for 2 days and try feeding him again.

    Also if you just got him try to give him a day to get settled in. fasting means to not try to feed him.
  2. fishlover123
    06-22-2011 05:29 PM - permalink
    I just got a new betta fish yesterday but it won't eat. The water temerature is 76 df. I tried to feed it everything I have. Betta pellets, sprouts, dried shrimp, cabbage, and even bread, What do I do? I'm afraid of it dying.
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