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  1. Sakura8
    05-27-2013 07:17 AM - permalink
    :) Yes, Phantom. I'm currently not as active right now on the forum for personal reasons so I thought the quote was fitting. I'm happy someone recognized it. :)
  2. LittleBettaFish
    05-18-2013 06:21 AM - permalink
    No worries. Sometimes wild bettas are just weird. Some of mine I don't see for a week or so, and then they pop out like they haven't even been missing.

    Good luck with your boy. Hopefully you see some improvement.
  3. LittleBettaFish
    05-16-2013 07:54 AM - permalink
    Honestly, none of my wilds like bare bottom tanks. My persephone looked incredibly pale when they were in a bare bottom grow-out and then when I moved them over into a tank with peat moss as the substrate, the males turned black and blue almost immediately.

    It may be a combination of the slightly harder/higher pH water, the lack of substrate and a lack of tannins (sounds like you are not really big on tannins?) is contributing to the shyness.

    I wouldn't take out everything but the heater unless you have tannin heavy water and a dark bottom or substrate, as that would most likely be stressful as you've said.

    I think give the peat a try. I never even look at the feces of my wild bettas as they live in a semi-feral existence haha and the only health issue I have is with velvet.
  4. RussellTheShihTzu
    05-15-2013 05:05 AM - permalink
    Thank you so much. I try.
  5. LittleBettaFish
    05-13-2013 02:04 PM - permalink
    I forget, what substrate have you got him over?

    Have you ever thought of using peat moss as a substrate? My wild bettas absolutely love it. I just soak the peat moss in boiling water so it sinks, and then drop a couple handfuls over the glass bottoms of my tanks.

    It's odd he is still so shy. I sometimes force my shy fish to interact with me by putting in nothing but the peat moss and a couple of IAL to hide under if they want. Then the only food they get comes from me with my tweezers. Usually that food is a big juicy blackworm just wriggling away.

    Unimaculata complex are extremely friendly and my unimaculata are always out. You just need to cling wrap the entire tank, cover that with a piece of bulletproof glass, seal that with padlocks and then brick it all up behind a wall to stop them from jumping out haha.

    No idea what happened to Babystarz.
  6. chardzard
    03-23-2013 11:02 AM - permalink
    ok yea that a good idea, only 4 tanks huh hehe :) at the moment i have about 25 spawns of bettas, was over 30 spawns but some got eaten back by the fathers lost a few to the fathers geting ick so the othe 25 spawns r doing ok for now some spawns only have as little as 4 fish to 100s of babys so i'm trying not to be picky with them
  7. norico
    03-11-2013 08:36 AM - permalink
    Okay, thank you.

    I am glad to be your friends !

    Right now, I have only two male and female Betta.
    I am thinking I'll try to contest or not.
  8. chardzard
    03-05-2013 02:53 PM - permalink
    hey bud any luck finding any paradise fish yet?
  9. tekkguy
    02-27-2013 10:31 AM - permalink
    I just try to do everything as cheaply as possible! Lol ... thanks.
  10. Karebear13
    02-23-2013 03:47 PM - permalink
    Yeah I barely got any help from them when I posted there! and thanks I will ask sakura!

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