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Conversation Between Hallyx and JAGalletta
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  1. JAGalletta
    12-10-2012 08:09 AM - permalink
    My current favorite plane is a 3DHobbyShop Velox VR1. I fly some 3D and dabble in freestyle. I'm at the top of the learning curve - where new things require a lot of discipline to learn. For example, I'm getting comfortable with slow rolls, and am starting to learn to control 4 point rolls. I've mastered the entrance to the knife edge spin, but am still working on the exit... for now I just let go of the controls and fly out, rather than transitioning into an inverted flat-spin (which I'd really like to do). The VR1 is an electric that flies with a 13x6.5 prop. I have a friend's crashed Katana, which I am looking to fix up and fit with a 50cc gasser, but so far have had no dice in the financial/available time arena. It's so fun to tinker with those things.

    Thanks about the platys, they seem to be enjoying their lives right now and keep me well occupied. I'll be seeing you around!
  2. Hallyx
    12-08-2012 01:14 AM - permalink
    What kind of planes are you into? I've been model-flying off and on since I was a kid doing U-control combat and stunt. Lately (15 years ago) I did a lot of RC flying- --.40 power but mostly 2 meter sailplanes.

    Cute Platys. I have a couple of regular red ones to keep my plakat company and give him something to chase.

    Welcome to the forum.
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