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Conversation Between Hallyx and Junglist
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  1. Hallyx
    08-24-2012 03:55 AM - permalink
    Probably tough and healthy lil' buggers, as well.
  2. Junglist
    08-23-2012 09:01 AM - permalink
    Thanks Hallyx that one was part of my outdoor spawn which I accidentally left for 3months with no assistant and they managed to survive off infusoria and other outdoor critters. I finally jarred then up a few days ago and they sure look good
  3. Hallyx
    08-23-2012 05:43 AM - permalink
    Another fabulous avatar fish. Trad. show PK?
  4. Hallyx
    05-22-2012 08:00 AM - permalink
    Your Golden Arrowana is the most handsome fish I've ever seen in captivity. He reminds me of my "most wanted" fish, the Northern Pike (as in my profile). How big is he and how do you keep him?
  5. Junglist
    05-04-2012 06:48 PM - permalink
    Thank for your interest Hallyx but I have none for sale at the moment till in the next month or so, If you are still interested till then I will post a thread when the time has come. Thanks Hallyx
  6. Hallyx
    05-04-2012 07:15 AM - permalink
    I might be interested in a locally raised giant. I'm in SE Oregon. Are you raising commercially for pet-keepers?

    Your avatar fish is very handsome.
  7. Hallyx
    03-12-2012 04:00 AM - permalink
    Welcome to the forum. I'm always delighted when more serious breeders join us. Love to see pics of your pair. Best of luck.
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