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Conversation Between Hallyx and ravenwinds
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  1. ravenwinds
    04-22-2012 11:24 AM - permalink
    I keep meaning to go I have an excuse!

    Thanks for article link!
  2. Hallyx
    04-21-2012 03:05 AM - permalink
    Saw your comment on the 10 things...thread about wishing to find knowledgeable staff.

    Purr-fect Pet 1688 N.E Lynda lane (a cul-de-sac just off Hillcrest , right turn off 7th) 541-479-8682

    Tina and her helper (forgot name) know a few things about fish: Ph, temp and tank requirements, compatibility, feeding , behavior, etc.

    They have a small, but interesting collection of Betta plus RT and Rainbow sharks, Hatchet fish, Cichlids, meds, ... just a bunch of good stuff.
  3. Hallyx
    04-18-2012 05:28 AM - permalink
    New article by Byron Hosking on Stress and the Freshwater Aquarium. Thought you might like it.
  4. Hallyx
    04-15-2012 03:59 AM - permalink
    Well, I did it. Go look in the "Lounge."
  5. Hallyx
    03-30-2012 04:43 AM - permalink
    If it seems like I'm following you around....
    It's just that I'm interested in what you have to say, and you follow some interesting threads.
    (Blessed be, indeed
  6. ravenwinds
    03-27-2012 01:44 AM - permalink
    That too bad about your partner's mobility problems...but definitely we should meet up sometime in GP. Yeah, I want a pond too and using small businesses are way better. I haven't heard of place in medford, I'm going to have to drag my family there tomorrow when I go there for MD appt! I been looking back stage too...I also have learned a lot of interesting things. Glad you spoke w/ DQ about moderator...I was concerned about that, too.
  7. Hallyx
    03-26-2012 04:26 AM - permalink
    I love ferrets. Dogs,cats, kids...meh.

    My partner has mobility problems, but perhaps we can buy you a pizza some day in GP.

    My estimation of the various LPS is similar to yours. Do you know about Nui Kai in Medford? Interesting place. I try to throw some business to the Frog Prince behind K-Mart (across the tracks). Love to get a pond from him someday. Then there's Linda's up by Diamonds. Not too interesting for Bettaheads, but has stuff.

    BTW, if it makes any difference to you, anybody at all can read this conversation. I've learned more prowling the backscreens than on the forum, especially about the members. Nosey Hallyx, bad dog.
  8. ravenwinds
    03-19-2012 04:45 AM - permalink
    Hi neighbor!
    I love aquascaping, that's for sure! Yep, GP petco has best bettas, lousy plants(hair algae and snails), mostly clueless but friendly staff, and tanks that need to be cleaned!
    Medford petsmart has poor sick looking bettas, the only plant substrate around, and sparking tanks w/very healthy other tropical fish!
    I'm still new to bettas and aquascaping, been working on a few NPTs...natural planted tanks...w/ real dirt...I don't want to spend money on high tech tanks...those can run in multiple hundreds and up!
    Most of my tanks are jungles or algae ridden right now...I recently bought 7 bettas from Thailand and 5 guppies from USA and 45 shrimp from USA....been a bit busy...had to join aquabid anonymous...

    Still if you want, you could come visit the fish HOUSE! But give me notice....and you gotta be ok w/ dogs, cats, ferrets(usually in cage), and 2 very hyper kids(unfortunately not caged;)..
  9. Hallyx
    03-19-2012 03:57 AM - permalink
    Oooh..Just saw that you're into aquascaping. I'm so envious of people who can make things grow, especially underwater. Do you have pics of your scapes?
  10. Hallyx
    03-19-2012 03:54 AM - permalink
    Howdy, neighbor. I'm just down the road from you in CJ. We probably shop the same Petco, unless you know better places, in which case I'm all ears.

    Nice photos of some very pretty fish in your album.
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