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Conversation Between fightergirl2710 and TheBlueBettaFish
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  1. fightergirl2710
    08-03-2011 02:18 PM - permalink
    Thanks! As I said, I talk oo much..
  2. TheBlueBettaFish
    08-03-2011 02:13 PM - permalink
    Congratulations on becoming a Bronze Member!
  3. TheBlueBettaFish
    07-25-2011 05:06 PM - permalink
    Night Fighter!
  4. fightergirl2710
    07-25-2011 05:01 PM - permalink
    Thanks hehe! I've been living off rice and fresh lemonade and I have to be on my computer for work X( I throw up anything that has flavour.. Sigh.. Anyway I'm off to bed! See you in the morning. Bye!
  5. TheBlueBettaFish
    07-25-2011 04:47 PM - permalink
    Aww, I hope you feel better fighter! Be a FIGHTER! Lol. Thats good to know. Are you on a laptop or on you on a computer? You have the stomach flu....right? So you don't want to eat....did you try drinking? Because I had that and I threw up anything that went into my mouth. :X I hope you'll okay!
  6. fightergirl2710
    07-25-2011 04:36 PM - permalink
    They're ok, since I'm sick they haven't eaten anything except freeze dried worms and had no water changes for the past 4 days X(
  7. TheBlueBettaFish
    07-25-2011 04:34 PM - permalink
    Lol.'s your Betta's?
  8. fightergirl2710
    07-25-2011 04:25 PM - permalink
    Lol! I bet.. There's a stereotype for every type of Indian, it's funny!
  9. TheBlueBettaFish
    07-25-2011 04:01 PM - permalink
    TheBlueBettaFish see? You learn a new thing every day! The Punjab thing. Never knew that!
  10. fightergirl2710
    07-25-2011 03:40 PM - permalink
    Ah, Herman.. Sounds Punjabi. I'm half a Punjabi.. They are the type of Indians who go off to foreign lands to make a better life, not knowing the language most of the time lol! Lots of them in Canada... I don't know how to answer the how's India bit, I've never been anywhere else so I have nothing to compare to.. All I can say is, it's interesting and diverse and you can try your entire life but you wont learn all the languages ever! You should come down and check it out, lots of foreign tourists from October to March...
    And no more spam. -___-
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