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Conversation Between Kytkattin and Larsa
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  1. Larsa
    11-10-2011 02:51 PM - permalink
    Garlic shouldnt make them change color, lolz, but it is a great appetite stimulator! ^-^ Aimi has a total of 5 orange spots now. /my other girls are being QT'd right now in cups, they seem sick or sad. The NLS pellets you are using work great for little betta girl mouths! :3
  2. Kytkattin
    11-10-2011 01:26 PM - permalink
    Have you seen my posts about how much my blue fish, Kamehameha has changed? It is ridiculous! I was looking at lil' Spooky this morning and I noticed she now has 4 spots total now! She only had 3 before, so we have progress! Her body is staying clear, but her fins are much more orange now. I don't feed the NLS betta pellets, but I have the NLS Small Fish Formula. I like the tiny pellets because they are easier for her to eat. She is so tiny! I also add liquid vitamins daily, and sometimes feed frozen bloodworms with garlic added. Not sure if garlic does anything for color though...
  3. Larsa
    11-10-2011 06:32 AM - permalink
    lolz I sometimes hate it when bettas change color :( like the patriot and black/white bettas all end up like turning a solid color T-T I like dalmatian spots though, I think theyare cute, kinda like freckles! :B Aimi has a couple on her tail now. Hopefully your fishie starts turning cute pastel colors! Maybe if you feed her NLS betta pellets, her hidden hues might pop out and shine vibrantly! ^-^
  4. Kytkattin
    11-08-2011 10:51 PM - permalink
    I am waiting for there to be more snails, but it has been a couple of months since I got the duckweed and no more snails have appeared. I honestly don't know what type of snail it is, but it is cute, at least when she isn't trying to eat it... lol.
    OMG, she is a dalmation! Thank you! I had no idea what she was. She might be a Cambodian dalmatian... Why do they have to change so slowly?!? But it is totally worth it when they do!
  5. Larsa
    11-08-2011 09:16 PM - permalink
    awwes cool! XD snails are fun to have but like to reproduce @-@ Thank you for replying, your fish looked so happy I wanted some of those plants too! ^-^ Spook might still be a baby... :3 Maybe she will get pink dalmatian spots!
  6. Kytkattin
    11-08-2011 11:48 AM - permalink
    She looks a lot like your Aimi! Though I see hints of Spooky's fins turning pink...

    As for what is in the tank: java fern, crested java fern (basically the same thing, but thinner leaves that kind of split into small fingers at the end), one moss ball, one stalk of lucky bamboo (with leaves above the water), anacharis that will soon take over the tank, and duckweed thinly covering the surface.

    Because of the duckweed there is also one snail and a million other critters that she is always hunting. It is fun to watch!
  7. Larsa
    11-08-2011 09:28 AM - permalink
    Hello! ^-^ Sorry for asking you this so much, but I absolutely love your live plants in Spook's tank. Can you tell me where you got them and if you know the names of them, those too? :3 BTW she is uber cute! ^-^
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