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  1. inkrealm
    05-24-2011 08:24 PM - permalink
    mine is pretty docile so I doubt they'd be all that different, still though,
    and i love how the females have such big cute eyes :D
    but yeah, I remember reading in the forums, someone who rescued a fish who had had DR.PEPPER poured on it's lungs. T.T; like, I //guess// there can be freak accidents.... but in a wal-mart setting that doesn't sound like that was an easy accident to have....
    haha, I totally get that, most people don't even realize I can speak x3;
    I speak a LOT on the rare occasions someone manages to make me mad though and animal cruelty is one of those, DX
    they're tiny but they're still animals and they have individual emotions and personalities.
  2. inkrealm
    05-24-2011 08:23 PM - permalink
    cheeze, sorry about that,
    we had to grab my brother from college towards the weekend and nowI've got exams XD;

    Haha, aww, well I'm glad she was responsible and made the right decision. ^-^
    I want so badd to get used to the basics so I can add to the family and use the cirtter keeper method :D
    I know what you mean, it's almost fun and I love to decorate them when I can ^-^
    she sounds adorable :D I'd love to try keeping a female or two eventually, I'll have to have a look at the board :D
  3. Punki
    05-18-2011 01:03 AM - permalink
    Oh and a friend of mine worked at the walmart i bought the previous sick fish from and where i bought my current fish and whe i posted about it online he reminded me that he worked dogfoods right NEXT to the fish and he basically said "Im glad you got a good one this time, ive been at that store, i know what they do to those fish and it isnt good." :(
    I wish i was the type of person who could walk in and stand up for those fish but im a pretty anxious quiet person, the most ive ever said was in response to a betta bowl being too small, I feel proud when i walk out with all my supplies and betta food xD
  4. Punki
    05-18-2011 01:00 AM - permalink
    Yeah, my sister just gave me a little girl she picked up last week, after i told her how often shed need to change a 1/4 gallon glass ball she reconsidered her purchase, she was only .49 cents at petsmart and my sister wasnt attached yet so i took her off my sisters hands xD Told her to take the ball bowl back and i grabbed one of my 1gallon kritter keepers and put her in there, i dont mind the water changes, it really occupies me, im a stay at home mom and i get bored anyways :)) Shes so little though! My male Fishy is huge in comparison, his long tail is about as long as her, tail and all! Shes a bit see through but shes getting color, i posted a pic of her earlier this evening before covering her up, i think she will turn out pretty once she settles in. She hungrily ate the mosquito larvae so have high hopes for her :D Shes just so shy, peeking out from time to time and curiously poking at things. Totally different from my big guy XD
  5. inkrealm
    05-17-2011 08:44 PM - permalink
    they all have such great and unique perks :D
  6. inkrealm
    05-17-2011 08:43 PM - permalink
    as long as you didn't mind XD;
    I picked mine because he played with me in the store :D being so stubborn and territorial could be cutely amusing too though :D
  7. inkrealm
    05-17-2011 08:42 PM - permalink
    D:how awful D: &how disgusting to display the nice-looking ones as if they're taking care of them, D:I read a good idea the other day of standing there till they agree to either help the fish and do so while you're watching or allow you to do it yourself.If I could get some time I'd love to go in once or twice a week&work with them:(
    yeah,I like to buy the fish from the bad spots,but not support them with supplies-buys when possible.
    I could see how that'd be kindof cute really:D
  8. Punki
    05-17-2011 01:02 PM - permalink
    Yeah walmart had about 6-7 on display that were in decent shape, minor fin rot and clean cups, so i was looking at those for awhile, my betta was in that group but then my husband pointed behind me and there was a shelf and they were just stacked, id say at least 30 cups, all brown with fish that kinda just look dead. Very un-responsive. But now ive found a petsmart in the area, granted they are still in little cups but they look 2x more healthy then walmarts, so i buy supplies from petsmart now :)
    Yeah he is very territorial, i wouldnt even put a snail in there, i know hed attack it xD Thats partly why i got him, when i picked up his cup insttead of hovering in his small cup he was acting like he wanted to get out and smack me in the face! LOL! He made me laugh :)
  9. inkrealm
    05-16-2011 10:38 PM - permalink
    wow,he must be really territorial XD; no wonder he lost a scale lol, mine just pokes at me curiously XD;
    glad to hear it's okay,i'm sure he did just head-butt something. :'3
    I heard wal-mart is especially bad,I'm glad he seems to be doing well though:)
    they shouldn't be allowed to keep fish in-bulk like that,bettas dont even sell that often or fast.I guess it's nice to have variety so you can find one you really connect with since they do have personalities.but still,compromising their health is unacceptable,they should only keep a few till they can invest,or divide the huge aquariums>< they could safely&happily house 2-3 in one.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your last one D: at least you knew it wasn't your fault though,you did your best >< that's really hard,especially when they get the fast ones,it must have been so sickening to have that be your first betta experience :/

    this guy's colors look gorgeous though,&taking the time to observe them is always a good strong care habit:)
  10. Punki
    05-16-2011 09:53 PM - permalink
    LOL I was able to pull it out, putting my whole hand in usually makes him headbutt me, he does that during vacuuming lol! From what i could feel it was soft all around, it is his favorite hiding spot so im glad its still safe. Seems like everyday im worried about something new, i bought him from walmart and that itself had me worried cause so many that were there were in really bad shape. He was a fresh shipment luckily. Years ago i bought one from walmart and by day 2 it had this clear slimy stuff growing on its face and by the time i went to the store that morning id came home and it was dead, whatever it had was FAST. Its taken me years to try again...cautiously :))
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