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Conversation Between jennesque and Chesh
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  1. Chesh
    02-22-2014 05:23 PM - permalink
    Yep! JEALOUS!!! You'll have to share some pics! Congrats on the new additions!
  2. jennesque
    02-20-2014 09:55 AM - permalink
    I got the other Checkerboard cichlid.. Aka Hercules Cichlid. =\ I didn't have internet access on my phone at the time so I didn't realize it was the 'wrong' fish. Very similar though.. Unfortunately one didn't make ot, they were already picking on each other a ton and I think that and the move stressed the one out too much. The one remaining is fine though. They aren't as pretty as D. Filamentosus so I'm still on the search for them. Wet Spot said they get them in the Spring or Summer usually.. With my luck, my LFS will get them again right after I order online LOL
  3. Chesh
    02-18-2014 08:02 AM - permalink
    Did I just read somewhere that you're getting (or got?!!) Dicrossus filamentosus? If so, I am the most jealous (and also excited for you!) I ADORE those fish, they've been on my 'one day...' wish list since the moment I laid eyes on them. Best of luck, please let me know how it goes!!!
  4. Chesh
    02-11-2014 01:06 PM - permalink
    EEEEEP!!! Must have been the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER if it got better from there! Congrats on the new tank!!! Who's going to live there?
  5. jennesque
    02-11-2014 12:53 PM - permalink
    Awwwwh, thank you! It was! I got a 75 gallon tank now!!!
    That wasn't even the beginning of the great day though. =]
  6. Chesh
    02-07-2014 10:45 PM - permalink

    I hope your day was PERFECT!!! ^__^
  7. Chesh
    01-02-2014 08:50 AM - permalink

    Happy New Year!
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