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  1. Sakura8
    08-14-2011 11:01 AM - permalink
    Hi Nex! So Phantom got a little eager for romance and jumped the gun, huh? Sloth was probably like, "Wait, we haven't even had our first date yet!" I'm glad her fins are healing up. Is the white part kind of transparent-white? If it is, her fins should most likely darken up later (98% sure they will). They might not be as dark a black as they use to be, though.

    Sherm is doing good now that he's on a steady diet of brine shrimp. I'm in the process of switching him over to live plants so he should be a happy little fella soon. Right now all he has is an anubias, some microsword, and a stalk of rather sad-looking cambomba but hey, it's a start.

    Yeah, history is definitely universally useful and yet in so many ways totally useless, lol. But uhm, it doesn't really matter just now since I'm in the midst of a years-long hiatus from college. Some day I'll go back . . . I think.

    That would be really awesome if you studied in NorCal. Any ideas on which college?
  2. Sakura8
    08-12-2011 03:41 AM - permalink
    Hey Nex, how are Phantom and Sloth doing? And not to eavesdrop on your conv with Pew but hehe, I majored in history and now I'm a writer so uh, yeah. Anyway. Can't do math worth crud though.
  3. PewPewPew
    08-12-2011 01:30 AM - permalink
    Im a history ed major and it took me a LONG time to realize what you was sayin'. LOLWOOPS. >:D

    And c'mon, Nex. That's...thats...oh, Nex. -__-' Derp.

    we're going to the Museum of Natural History, too, maybs they'll let me take pictures! :D That would be nice... Oh crap, I need to charge my camera! D: Thanks for the reminder.

    Hey man. I can stay up that long just on my own. MUUUHUUU. XD

    I did that REM sleep deprivation training thing for a while, too- used being able to stay up to my advantage... For a few weeks, I deprived myself of sleep, only allowing myself naps. Eventually, my body was like OH GOD, GO INTO REM IMMEDIATLEY, NOW, NOW! So every nap was...oh, heaven. Really quickly into a deep sleep.

    After I got the extra psych credit (lotsss offf creediiittt!!) I...
    Didnt sleep well. For about 2 months.
    Oh, it was horrible. D;
  4. PewPewPew
    08-12-2011 01:06 AM - permalink
    NOOOOOOO. Not that it's hard, its under the name I commented with :P

    I cant take pictures! Theyre really strict about it. I understand why, though... I guess. They'll take your camera, delete the photos, and kick you out. I think the tickets were about...$180? Do not want to get kicked out! D': Do not want!
    And LOL.
    I actually have ADD, but I dont take stuff for it XD I do okay without, and that crud gives me head aches :C Im a nutter, but if it means no head aches, that's fine >:D


  5. PewPewPew
    08-12-2011 12:50 AM - permalink
    Part two, it cut me off >:C

    And as for the face in the vid... Dont feel bad. I was sick/hoarse in one of my vids and went to say "Hurr hurr" because Baller was being dumb, and..oh god. It sounds awful. Cyrs and Neil wont let me live it down. .____.
  6. PewPewPew
    08-12-2011 12:50 AM - permalink
    What a jerk! D:< Im sorry that happened. I got kicked out of a Philosophy class because I proved my angry, mean professor's logic wrong. He was NOT pleased.

    I later passed the class with the only A he's given in 2 years. He called me "Ulyssus" the entire semester, though... Alyssa, Ulyssus. Eh... Oh well. Dr. Richard Cocks (I kid you not) was affectionatley deemed "Professor Dick Dick". I called it a draw. >:}

    Omg. What. Why.

    WHAT DOES ONE DO WITH 10 GALLONS OF ALOE oh I dont even wanna know ohhh lord. o___o Why is that even for sale, ahah! :D That's funny.

    And woooo! I've never been to Broadway, either! I've been to a few plays and a few musicals, but they're lost on me. I tend to focus on the guys in black in the back and wave. Yeah, Im "that guy". Haha. My bad! This, though. I will pay SO much attention! >:D
  7. PewPewPew
    08-12-2011 12:29 AM - permalink
    Haha, I was wondering if you'd figure it out >:D Yes! It was meee!

    No substrate yet! Booo. It's in transit from Georgia, though. Expected to come on Tuesday. That would be great- We get back from vacation on Monday. I dont want it to sit on the porch or anything. Does Fedex require signatures based on weight? Goodness, I hope not D:

    And it goes well! I might not be around as much due to the vacay, but ah well :D I get to see the Lion King on Broadway, I'm a pretty happy girl. I've wanted to see it for so long- Im beyond excited, I really am. 19 years, 19. I've loved it for 19 years!!


    How goes you?!
  8. TequilatheBetta
    08-11-2011 03:40 PM - permalink
    I have to say I creeped your profile for hours reading all your threads :D They're all so interesting.
    And thank you! What do you mean, you can't keep crowntails in hard water?
  9. PewPewPew
    08-10-2011 11:03 PM - permalink
    I know. Boo them. Boo them somewhere. I dont know where, but boo them anyway.

    I felt bad when I read your thread :c The only thing I can think of is too much iron in your tank or something. Bagh, stupid algae, stupid cloudiness. Maybe do a huge water change in the tank? But just water-- so long as you dont over siphon the gravel bed, you really wont kill your cycle. You can do a legit 100% change, and it shouldnt crash- very little bacteria in comparison lives in your water.

    I like how hygros look, I do.. But I hate them. Theyre a mean plant. An evil plant. >:[

    And I know. Goodness, Dan. What. I dont even...I dont... Gyyuugghh. At least he's taking it, though. Why they give 20lb bags, I dont know! As for the grass. Yes. Fire.

    I'll run, you start it. If it doesnt work, stop drop and rollll D:
  10. PewPewPew
    08-09-2011 11:31 PM - permalink
    Buughh, lucky! I tried bacopa once, it seriously threw a fit and died on me. That and my hygro. Augusto. I was furious. Stupid plant, you're so mean! D:<

    Im glad Im not the only one who gets excited. Dan, pft. He almost didnt want the stuff! What! Are you mad?! I would've cried in excitement. Bagh, what does he know.

    I dont think they can OD on iron.. Though I know for a fact too much in the water column gives you some ohsonot good looking thread and fuzz algae. Mmyeah. Not so great. Boo! I'll make sure to dose them, then. I might half the dose of the iron tabs for the time, until the tank figures itself out again. Ive been lucky, knock on wood, that my tank has been in a really good, happy balance with no algae outbreaks or any mass-die off, save the one time my tank got to a balmy 95'F.

    Argh, Nex! You're a bad influence! I just might have to steal the grass from him, then. I'll trade an onion plant for them. He's awful fond of them, so here's hoping! *fingers crossed!*

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