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  1. fightergirl2710
    07-17-2011 04:45 PM - permalink
    That's big! Snakes seem to get lost easily though and it sucks that you have to tame him again.. My friend lost a tortoise and found it after 2 months, it was so emaciated but luckily still alive :) It must be sad having something be so close and then have it become a stranger :(
  2. copperarabian
    07-17-2011 04:27 PM - permalink
    He's about 4 feet long, and I don't use burning hot water, just hot enough that it's a little uncomertfible on his face so he lets go. It's the safest and cleanest way to get them to let go for the owner and the snakes safety, If you try to pry them off you can break their teeth(It can stay in your skin and get infected and also hurts your snake) and it will tear up your skin a lot more then the snake just letting go.

    I have to re-tame my snake, he once got out and we couldn't find him for 3 months and he is no longer a pet. I have to handle him but it's a little scary since all he wants to do is bite me, even if I feed him the day before :( one of my friends has two snakes who where as wild as mine and tamed them so I have hope I can do it. Before he got out I carried him everywhere, I'd even watch TV with him sitting on my lap sleeping lol
  3. fightergirl2710
    07-17-2011 04:14 PM - permalink
    Oh, I'm jealous! The only time I've held a kite/ falcon was when one fainted outside my college and I took it in to save it from the evil crows... Your python sounds scary! How big is he? I mean putting him under hot water O.o? That must have been really bad!
    I'll have to check the camera, I barely use any of the functions except maybe pet mode XD! I can always ask my dad to try, he has a Canon so we could try with that. :D
  4. copperarabian
    07-17-2011 04:08 PM - permalink
    I got to hold and pet all the falcons :D And that's good she knows it's a finger, it would suck if she held on. My ball python holds on and I have to put her head under hot (not burning hot) water to get him to let go, and it's really creepy feeling his teeth coming out of my skin, it's only happened twice.

    Does your camera have a starry sky or night scenery setting? You can sometimes get 15-30 seconds with a point and shoot. My point and shoots starry sky setting has presets for 15, 30, and 60 seconds.
  5. fightergirl2710
    07-17-2011 03:54 PM - permalink
    Nah, she never does.. Even if she bites hard sometimes, she quickly realises its a finger and lets go. Never even had a dent but I'm sure if she gets twice as big, I'd rather use chopsticks lol! Its really cute when they get excited and do the gimme food dance! Even when I just go to turn her lights on, she does laps of the tank lol! Greedy pig...
    I'm sure he'll love them, probably get jealous too XD! I always wanted to try light painting it looks so cool!
  6. copperarabian
    07-17-2011 03:49 PM - permalink
    Does she ever bite hard enough to make you bleed? I saw some of these turtles at a pet store the other day (They where huge, twice the size of yours or bigger) and the worker gave them some large crickets, it was so cute XD they all got super excited LOL

    Oh Cool, I hope your dad likes them, birds are my favorite thing to photograph too :D The photo with the fire is a 40 second exposure, and I used matches for the fire to "light paint" lol
  7. fightergirl2710
    07-17-2011 03:31 PM - permalink
    Just realised if I comment on my own pics they wont notify you XD
    It doesn't hurt unless she wants it to hurt, sometimes I play around too much and she gets impatient and bites hard, otherwise she realises its your finger and lets go.. If you hold your finger up there just like that, she wont even bother, she knows lol!
  8. fightergirl2710
    07-17-2011 03:28 PM - permalink
    Lovely! I love how you capture birds and that fiery thing was amazingly weird! I hope you don't mind, I sent the video to my dad, he would love your nature photos! His fav thing is to capture birds :D
  9. copperarabian
    07-17-2011 02:54 PM - permalink
    Sorry XD I have no clue how to respond to photo comments.... fail lol

    Kamina is a swear word LOL In japanese it is derived from the word kami, meaning 'above.' and in America and if you go through the baby name books it means "Child of Love" lol completely different from the Hindi meaning XD

    And thanks, I'm glad you like my photos :D I made a video of my favorite photos if you want to see some of my better stuff :P
  10. fightergirl2710
    07-06-2011 02:42 AM - permalink
    Ok, professional photography is a whoole different level of expensive O_O I meant normal pointing and shooting type cameras. My dad has a Canon DSLR, I forget which one but I enjoy watching him at the Canon store drooling over these huge lenses that would probably cost the same as the AAU college fee XD My mum had 2 film cameras as well, one was a Nikkormat and the other was a Canon. I knew how to use those but the DSLR I haven't learned yet.
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