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  1. Sakura8
    05-26-2012 05:00 PM - permalink
    Half the waste is still in there. o.O I gave him a second dose today so we'll see how it goes. You're right, force-feeding a fish is actually a lot easier than it sounds. If worse comes to worse, I guess I'll just take him out of the water and "pet" him once a day to get him to go.
  2. Sakura8
    05-24-2012 09:52 PM - permalink
    Okay, DarkMoon, I got the mineral oil. I put a tiny amount in a bent nose eyedropper and made sure the tip of the dropper was saturated in it and put him on a damp paper towel. When he opened his mouth, I got the dropper in and swabbed it around. Hopefully that was enough mineral oil. You'd said a tiny, tiny amount so I definitely didn't want to OD him on it. If the mineral oil didn't work, apparently me handling him had an effect. Half of the waste is out now. Thanks for the advice. :)
  3. wherewolf
    04-16-2012 12:24 AM - permalink
    Hey, DarkMoon, I didn't want to bother you but you seem to be one of the most in-the-know betta owners on this site so I hope you can help me! My crowntail, Tulio, has what I think is velvet, and an open white sore that has completely eaten away his dorsal fin. The velvet is new, the sore has been persisting for several weeks. I've started following your steps to solve the velvet but the sore has me completely stumped. I have two threads in the betta emergencies forum (and there are some pictures) but maybe you have some other ideas as to what's wrong with him? Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! :3
  4. StarBetta
    03-15-2012 03:46 PM - permalink
    Sadly, no. They don't have that good medication at Petland :(( Ill try to beg my mom over the weekend to go to another fish store where HOPEFULLY they'll have good medicines. Besides Maracyn I and II, are there any other medications I can look for?
  5. StarBetta
    03-14-2012 06:53 PM - permalink
    Thankfully, yes! Oh and It's okay! I that happens to me sometimes and I'm so freaked out about my messages and other things I usually check. He has the same problems but now he's swimming in circles looking in pain.
  6. StarBetta
    03-09-2012 08:16 PM - permalink
    Can you help me, please? My poor Rainbow might die!Im so sad :( Ill tell you what it says.
    Thread: Please help asap!

    Oh no! Rainbow is terribly sick!! *Cries* He has pineconing on his head and some on the front of his body, i think he has popeye, and he's sideways! I don't want him to die! Hes my 2nd betta!
    PLEASE HELP! His eyes also have this layer of clearish film! Just please say something! I have epsom salt and i have him in a 1/2 gallon with tap water conditioner but i dont know if i should put ep salt! Please answer, please! I cannot even go to the petstore because its closed! What am i going to do?!
    I hope you can help me, Darkmoon. I want Rainbow to make it!
  7. Sakura8
    02-25-2012 12:52 AM - permalink
    It looks like it may have started as a flesh wound and now it's thinking about getting infected. The tissue around it looks a little swollen and red. The eye is definitely just cloudy. So it's okay to medicate armored catfish but not scaleless . . . okay, got that. I'll have to be careful with the dojo loaches since they're scaleless. I really appreciate the advice, DarkMoon. I'll try some salt along with the Kordon Fish Protector and if the redness gets worse, I have Kanaplex. I realize now that Maracyn I and II are useless in my tanks because my pH is 8.0.

    I'll PM you links to the pics of him.
  8. Sakura8
    02-24-2012 09:14 PM - permalink
    Hi DarkMoon. 1 Panda cory cat with a hole in his caudal penduncle. I'm scared to medicate because they're so sensitive to chemicals so he's in his own tank with Stress Coat as a water conditioner and Kordon Fish Protector. Anything else I should do? He also has one cloudy eye and I still have no idea how it happened but I suspect high pH. His only tankmates are tetras and guppies and other cories. Only recently did I add a betta, in the last 3 days.
  9. Arashi Takamine
    02-20-2012 11:23 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
  10. Arashi Takamine
    02-16-2012 11:44 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    Um please ignore my PM. Turns out he was messing with me again instead of it being an actual problem. I feel like an idiot for panicking like that. So sorry.

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