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  1. Arashi Takamine
    05-03-2011 03:28 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    I am convinced my friend overfed her because she did eat and is active again but is also trying to pass the biggest betta poop I've ever seen. She's okay otherwise and is back to her old self.

    Aki's doing a wiggle dance whenever he see's her though. The guy built a huge bubble nest when we were waiting for her tank to heat up and she was floating in his tank in her cup.
  2. Arashi Takamine
    05-02-2011 10:35 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    Thanks sorry for the late reply. Just did an emergancy 100% waterchange after my mom got home. She was caught and put into her cup quickly. Currently whilst waiting for the water to warm up I'm floating her in Akira's tank...

    And he is going nuts parading around the cup flaring and acting the part of a spoiled king. XD She's got her spunk back too.
  3. Arashi Takamine
    05-02-2011 06:41 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    Don't got any frozen foods and she's refused to eat...Doing a big 100% change when my mom gets back. She's in a 1.5 but it takes nearly two gallons to fill. I did a small 20% change to help make her a little more comfortable and she's swimming about but I'm definietly doing a big change. Got all the things I need to do it with so...Wish me luck.
  4. Arashi Takamine
    05-02-2011 05:07 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    He's so active and eating...Though now I'm worried as Maka is acting a little lethargic and she's refused to eat twice now even when I put the food directly in front of her. I'm planning on doing a 50% change today but I was curious: Is it safe to do it with her in the tank? I'd hate to stress her out by removing her from her tank when she's finally lost her stress stripes.

    I'll keep my eyes out for one of the ceramic knives.
  5. Arashi Takamine
    04-28-2011 03:10 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    Yeah Maka's still small but she's grown a bit. I did a 100% change yesterday and Aki was so happy I woke up today to find a gigantic bubble nest.

    I know! The only small ones I owned when I first noticed the problem I couldn't feed him because they didn't have enough meat product. I had almost purchesed frozen brine shrimp (as my mother decided no worms would ever be entering our tanks.) but I was worried it would cost more as we spent a lot on the NLS, freee dried brine shrimp and a silk plant for Maka so I decided to wait awhile on it. I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. I know they come cubed like the freeze dried but I'm almost positive my dad would murder me if I used one of his knifes to cut it.
  6. Arashi Takamine
    04-26-2011 05:28 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    Well she appears to be that size. I thought the normal size for betta's was 4 inches. She's grown a little but has mostly colored up. She's a VT and pretty small still. She's still a muddy color but her irridescent scales shine in the light beautifully.

    I had been feeding Akira Aqua Culture and Bettamin to give him a more varied diet but after a week on it he began spitting it out and trying to eat it again. I realized he had a pretty small mouth so I mostly kept him on the flakes until I purchsed the Small Fish formula for both of them. They love it.
  7. Arashi Takamine
    04-23-2011 09:12 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    Oh I agree. She's a tough little girl though. She's about 3 inches nearly full grow excluding her tail.

    She's pretty active and whenever she's over something new being put in her tank when the light hits her just right you can see the irridescent blue on her body. She's got some really pretty gold eyes. She adjusted more after I switched them both to New Life Spectrum and she gobbles them down. I think she's probably 2 and a 1/2 months old. Unfortunatly those morons at Wal-Mart used cold water to change her cup so that only made things worse. (Trust me her cup was cold to the touch.) Once I got her into her tank though she began perking up. She spent her first evening exploring and acting like a catfish. XD
  8. Arashi Takamine
    04-23-2011 05:48 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    I ended up buying another silk plant as the live plants had this black gunk over it all.

    He has become insane doing little wiggle dances whenever he see's her. Maka's barred up a little bit but looking at her closely I realized it was just her irridescent blue showing on her scales again. I got Maka last Thursday but I think she was there the week before. She had really bad stress stripes when I lifted up her cup. The strange thing is when I placed it down she relaxed and her blue showed immedietly.
  9. Arashi Takamine
    04-23-2011 02:18 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    I was thinking of maybe getting some Java moss and a marimo ball. Something easy that my dad won't have a conorary over.

    If I had the means to care for fry I'd condition them but Maka is still too young. No breeding bars have appeared on her. So Aki will just have to settle for building bubble nests. I swear since I put their cups next to each other during a waterchange he's built a new bubble nest every other day. He was acting so silly too. Puffing himself up, flaring wiggling around. Maka reacted a little with some flaring too but she was mainly un-interested.
  10. Arashi Takamine
    04-22-2011 11:56 PM - permalink
    Arashi Takamine
    I agree. I didn't think I'd be getting Maka more plants but I have to replace the one she already has as she's managed to not only unravel it but I'm positive she's eaten some of it. I'd rather not risk it so I'm returning the one she's chewed up and getting a more sturdier plant and maybe get a moss ball whilst I'm there. Aki seems to be the one who's always on his best behavior. (Although a total love sick guppy whenever he spots Maka he stops whatever he's doing and sits on his plant watching her.)

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