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  1. patadams66
    08-06-2011 07:46 AM - permalink
    i bought 2 25 lb bags at home depot the other day :P
  2. Strand
    08-05-2011 08:50 PM - permalink
    **** don't ask me. I just started. In my 46 bow I have around 8/10 plants. They are all "juvenile" right now so I'm not sure how it will look when they get bigger. If you need any play sand I have most of a bag left over. Just got done filling my 12g. It was only 3 bucks at Lowe's though. 50# bag.
  3. patadams66
    08-05-2011 07:56 PM - permalink
    i just wanted to get there asap so they were not sold out of all the stuff i wanted ha

    so maybe you can answer this, how many plants do i need for a 55g? i havent really mae up my mind what im getting yet, but it will be pretty typical, swords and stems in back small stuff up front, etc i want it not SUPER dense but pretty heavily planted when things start growing.
  4. Strand
    08-05-2011 09:13 AM - permalink
    It just starts that day. Goes on all week. Not sure when it ends. I doubt my tank will be cycled either.
  5. patadams66
    08-04-2011 11:05 PM - permalink
    no way! hmm that might mess with my plans :( i doubt i can cycle my tank in 5 days :( lol
  6. Strand
    08-04-2011 11:02 PM - permalink
    They lied. It starts the 12th. I was there today too. Haha
  7. patadams66
    08-04-2011 10:46 PM - permalink
    just so you know. i was in Aquarium Adventure today and they told me on the 15th all their fish and plants are going 1/2 off for a week!

    just wnated to give you a heads up!
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